Year of Soul Vol 2 Sampler
Year of Soul Vol 2 Sampler (Front Cover)
LABEL:Soul Trader Records
STREET DATE:March 11, 2019
ARTISTS: Various Artists  
Data 3  
Pola & Bryson  
Random Movement  


1. Virtue Data 3 5:03
2. Cheeky Growler (Pola & Bryson Remix) Silence Groove 5:20
3. Power Grab (Cheeto Logic) Random Movement 4:30
4. Molly (Gerra & Stone Remix) Data 3 5:02

Home to the likes of BCee, Skynet, Bungle, Random Movement and many other artists who’ve engineered the imprint’s versatile selection, Soul Trader Records presents an expertly crafted microcosm of the wider drum & bass market. They’ve become a trend-setter who is the centre piece of many club nights in the UK’s music capital, London, whilst also pioneering a sound which is both versatile and boasting enviable levels of manufacturing. The first ‘Year of Soul’, which provided a place for many individuals within the label’s roster to have their music heard, debuted a range of newcomer producers who later became some of the most talked about throughout the new wave of drum & bass which has infiltrated dancefloors. However, it also catered to a variety of old-school tastes, which is something that the second edition of this compilation series is likely to match. For the start of 2019, Soul Trader open the doors to what’s about to become another momentous selection from the imprint. With Data 3, Silence Groove, Random Movement all receiving remix duties on this first sampler, you’re already acutely aware of the engineering levels you’re set to be introduced to.

‘Virtue’ from Data 3 begins the EP with a standard which is recognisable as part of Soul Trader’s autograph. With cascading percussive patches and weaving beat patterns, each throbbing wave of bass crashes through the mix. Coming next, hotly tipped duo Pola & Bryson rework the rolling rhythms of Silence Groove on ‘Cheeky Growler’. The emerging producer has shown his capabilities, taking on already stellar drum work and bringing it through their funky sonics. Gerra & Stone then add their sounds through ‘Molly’, a track from Data 3 which has been doing the rounds throughout major spaces, realigning the fresh spheres of talent. The silky layering and pounding sequences draw you through Gerra & Stone’s soft production, which also features a bite underneath. It encapsulates what the forthcoming LP will home in on – the skills which Soul Trader has readily available from the artists, as well as the music which comes with that. Anticipation is set for ‘Year of Soul Volume 2’.

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