VA – Trendkill VA EP01
VA – Trendkill VA EP01 (Front Cover)
LABEL:Trendkill Records
STREET DATE:August 12, 2016
ARTISTS: Current Value  
Various Artists  

Prolix’s Trendkill label reflects his desire to promote the highest quality underground music. It operates as an outlet for dark, deep and dirty beats from names that include Rido, Misanthrop, Silent Witness, Mob Tactics, Gridlok and Prolix himself.

Now the imprint is ready to unleash the new *Various Artists EP*, which features music from Proxima, Malux, Barbarix, Sustance and Current Value. A range of styles, united by passion, presence and purpose, these five tracks are all microcosms of what Trendkill stands for. Music first, music last, music always.

Proxima’s Here We Go kicks the collection off, it’s attitude hard and heavy. Electro leads kick into some smash-down beats and bass, with industrial sounds creating a battleground of noise. Proxima reaches back for effects and samples which are added in with skill, melding into a whole which is insane as it is unforgettable. Malux accesses the Powercube next, with its massive build and equally colossal drop. This one is marked out by squelchy basslines, tearing drum sections and aspects of heat, light and sound. Those that like their beats tough are going to love this one.

Barbarix’s Ambush is dark, animalistic and atmospheric to the core. The creeping, creepy intro counts the beats in, before erupting in a rage to tear your face off. Suffer under the intense cacophony of sound, as Barbarix explores all the ways in which music can inflict joyous pain. This one’ll catch you unawares before you know it. The Machine by Sustance is a bit more subtle about how it infects your system, but the results are the same. This one’s got a headnodder of a beat, match to sharp and searing clicks, rips and drops. Proceed with caution.

The last track is the superb Afterburner, which comes live and direct from Current Value. A perfect closure, this one smashes through the universe with a mind-numbing electric theme and brain-warping, metallic drums. Current Value are at the top of their game, and kick on the Afterburner to devastating effect.

1. Proxima - Here We Go [5:42]
2. Malux - Powercube [4:35]
3. Barbarix - Ambush [5:26]
4. Sustance - The Machine [4:37]
5. Current Value - Afterburned [4:31]

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