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VA – Kinetik Records Goes to Let It Roll
VA – Kinetik Records Goes to Let It Roll (Front Cover)
LABEL:Kinetik Records
STREET DATE:July 22, 2017
ARTISTS: Various Artists  


01. Brainpain – Face Off [6:08]
02. RedPill – Demon Hunter [4:53]
03. Kursiva – Mayan Funk [4:08]
04. Ewol – Last Call [4:53]
05. Freqax & Brusten – Pressure [6:05]
06. Nine Yards – Head Nodder [3:47]
07. Hystatus – Superstructure [3:31]
08. Edit.MKK – Caution High Voltage [4:38]
09. Skud & Yanzee – Hikikey [4:39]
10. Transforma feat. Kryptomedic – Suckerpunch [5:07]

Every year, thousands of fans descend on the world’s biggest drum & bass mecca, which brings together the genre’s elite. Whether its artists or labels, Let it Roll festival plays host to one of dance music’s most definitive centrepieces and each time it continues to grow. 2017 brings with it yet more stellar music from its line-up, especially with the launch of its record label, which has brought together the festival’s label stages for a continuous stream of releases.

This time Kinetik Records delivers an impressive musical feat for their addition to Let it Roll’s expanding back catalogue. ’Kinetik Records goes to Let it Roll’ features offerings from an impressive roster, including RedPill, Ewol, Nine Yards, Hystatus, Kursiva, Transforma, Brainpain, Skud & Yanzee, Edit.MKK and Freqax & Brusten. The collective detonate slice after slice of undiluted chaos, proving why Let it Roll are both infamous for their explosive live shows and mind blowing discography.

Kryptomedic joins Transforma on mic duties for ‘Suckerpunch’, kicking splinters of sonic across a crunching bassline. Pulsing subs divide the mix, helping to snip the constant flow of clattering beats. It’s the perfect introduction to the rowdy undertones of Let it Roll – their anarchistic ways are clear to see. Then comes Brainpain with ‘Face Off’, a cleverly built conundrum of skipping bass and clattering drum patterns. Kursiva rolls out with ‘Mayan Funk’, taking a well-known vocal sample and twisting it into something nastily unrecognisable. Ewol adds his offering with ‘Last Call’, a more minimal contribution which adds to the EP’s unbridled diversity.

Nine Yards punches through with ‘Head Nodder’, a clumsy yet expertly manufactured track that adds yet another sound dimension to the release. Hystatus continues the vibe with ‘Superstructure’, unrestrained and cutting deeper with every succession of beats. RedPill enters the fray with ‘Demon Hunter’, as fearsome as its predecessors and showing off the producer’s technical abilities. ‘Pressure’ by Freqax & Brusten pushes forward on rattling percussion and looping bass, a sure-fire track to keep your speakers shaking. Edit.MKK helps round up the EP with tech-layered roller ‘Caution High Voltage’, whilst the final track provides another rowdy collaboration from Skud & Yanzee; ‘Hikkey’ is a no-holds barred sonic assault of epic proportions.

Together, they finalise an EP which signals another step closer to ‘Let it Roll’ festival. And for their next release, Kinetik Records have gladly been handed the reigns.

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