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Various Artists – Altered States
Various Artists – Altered States (Front Cover)
LABEL:Flex Records
STREET DATE:November 18, 2016
ARTISTS: Various Artists  

Still basking in the spotlight of having their first vinyl release in more than a decade (FLEX 040 - Ricky Force, Real Love ) sell out before it even hits the shelves and reach no1 in the Redeye chart - L Double and his pioneering team at Flex are taking the musical stakes up a notch with their latest album - Altered States.

As the name suggests, all things USA forms the backdrop of this 23 track floor banger, blending Neuro Funk and Tech Step styles to push your sound systems and your state of consciousness to the limit.

And it is already receiving support from the biggest names in the US scene such as AK1200.

“Flex once again shows us why they have been a constant leader of the worldwide drum and bass community. This time with Altered States, an amazing compilation of American made talent. Everything from jungle to liquid rollers, steppers and even a bit of tech and neuro, this LP aims to please while showcasing the best underground artists emerging from the American scene. 10/10”

L Double’s musical influence in the US DnB/Jungle scene is profound and with the deep pool of talent the label is blessed to have crafted the LP with an exclusively all American track list featuring the US's hardest working and talented DnB producers such as Pish Posh, The Burner Brothers, Space Journey, Liminal & Bengal, NoizeKomplaint, Mixedmedia & iLL Omen, HammerZz & Glitch.

L Double said: “You really have to listen to it, to believe how talented this mob really are. Take Space Journey as an example, it is quintessential neuro funk. Some may say the genre has not got soul but we tried to inject some into the project alongside the ‘trickery and technicality’ of the tracks. That’s what Flex is about showcasing musical talent from around the world to the world. And this album is just the start!”

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Released November 18, 2016 on On The Rise Promotions

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