Universal Project – Haunted Dreams (Remix / Remaster)
Universal Project – Haunted Dreams (Remix / Remaster) (Front Cover)
LABEL:Universal Project Recordings
STREET DATE:March 5, 2018
ARTISTS: Universal Project  


01. Universal Project – Haunted Dreams (Stealth Remix) [6:01]
02. Universal Project – Haunted Dreams (Digital Remaster) [6:47]

The defining part of Universal Project’s sound is how they manage to incorporate an old school temperament with new wave flares, as they bring forward the dark techno synth and b-boy breaks which have already made their rounds on an antiquated club circuit. And releasing on their own ‘Universal Project Recordings’ imprint could only be expected from such an ingenious pair; they were able to grab a platform to give them the freedom they needed to project their creativity into their music. And for the next part of their release schedule, they’ve not only remastered their classic ‘Haunted Dreams’ track, which will be highly anticipated for digital record collectors, but they’ve also added the talents of Stealth for an inter-dimensional remix.

Stepping up to the plate, Ram Records stalwart Stealth offers a cut throat uptake which helps to deliver the same vibe as its forerunner whilst still cutting through amongst his own slick style. With a layering that lends itself to the foundations which drum & bass artists like Stealth built his there on as well as the chaotic drums which have pushed themselves throughout all his releases, the 174bpm maestro does what he does best. Each peddled break brings you head first into the next, pulsing heavier and heavier before the listener becomes fully overwhelmed by the tracks power. Stealth’s rework of ‘Haunted Dreams’ was built for the dancefloor, to ruminate with heads both new and old.

The digital remaster of ‘Haunted Dreams’ breathes new life into an already well-loved track. It realigns you with the talents of Universal Project and enables you to become fully captured by their original essence. Having already graced the back catalogues of Renegade Hardware and Virus, it’s a welcome return for a duo who spearheaded many cross-genre pollinations. Ruxspin and Gigga continue to add to their trophy cabinet, displaying a history which helped pave the way for many artists which came after them. And alongside featured remixes, they still remain at the centre of their game, years on from their first release and demonstrating their continued love for their craft.

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