Twenty EP: DLR, Redeyes, Data 3, The Caracal Project
Twenty EP: DLR, Redeyes, Data 3, The Caracal Project (Front Cover)
LABEL:Hyperactivity Music
STREET DATE:July 5, 2019
ARTISTS: Various Artists  


1. Nu Feel (DLR Remix) Kuantum 5:18
2. Something (Data 3 Remix) Gunston 5:24
3. Glow (The Caracal Project Remix) Vici ft. Miss Understood 3:52
4. Midnight Sunset (Redeyes Remix) Peyo 4:27

Hyperactivity Music have often prided themselves in delivering the most groundbreaking talent which the more tech-driven, groove infused layers of drum & bass have made notorious, with the French label positioning themselves as being leaders within these underground depths. The imprint has also played a part in shaping their local scene, something which hasn’t gone unnoticed by the wider market; this is why for their next EP they’ve selected a variety of producers who’ve done the same globally. From DLR, through to Redeyes, Hyperactivity have matched the talent already demonstrated throughout their roster, nodding to the influences which helped spur on the creation of a label like Hyperactivity. Each producer has their twist on a Hyperactivity favorite, breathing new life into a collection of tracks which have built a newcomer independent label up from the ground up.

The mind-bending sonics of DLR, who grasps Kuantum’s ‘Nu Feel’ with his own hands, begins the ‘Twenty EP’ at a formidable height. The warbling sounds of DLR infiltrate the already high-ranking production of Kuantum and it gives the record an unwavering twist. Data 3 then take hold of ‘Something’, a track from Gunston which has committed untold damage on nightclub systems globally since its release. The Caracal Project, a rapidly rising outfit which have sat pride of place within the catalogues of labels such as Neosignal, have their turn on Vici and Miss Understoods offering ‘Glow’. It’s a more tear-out take on the original, centered around its quaking pads and flipping beats. The Redeyes rework of Peyo’s ‘Midnight Sunset’ is a track which is sure to resonate with many club-goers over the coming festival season and it continues to utilize the original’s melody whilst giving a fresh revamp to a classic part of Hyperactivity’s rise to prominence. These tracks signify the important of Hyperactivity and the music released by their artists, as well as the scope they’ve managed to reach since their inception.

The imprint has enlisted a wide array of talent to commemorate the twentieth part of their story and it’s easy to understand how they’ve got as far they have. As well as how they’ve brought on board the caliber of artists they’ve been able to for this release.

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