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Tobax: From Within
Tobax: From Within (Front Cover)
LABEL:C4C Recordings
STREET DATE:April 16, 2018
ARTISTS: Tobax  


1. From Within Tobax 4:30
2. Volkolak Tobax 4:34
3. The Alchemist Tobax 3:50
4. Bring the Pain Tobax & Mean Teeth 5:11

After slaying numerous DJ sets across Europe and the wider drum & bass market, Tobax has become an internationally renowned name, with support from the likes of Noisia, June Miller, Ed Rush, Mefjus and A.M.C. But it’s not just his aptitude behind the decks which have made him such a formidable force, but also his slick sonic splicers which also do damage across clubs, created with a production standard which rivals many of his counterparts. It’s an engineering benchmark which has paved its way through the scene and will continue to do so, especially with his forthcoming release on imperative neurofunk imprint Cause4Concern. They have pioneered the sub genre, giving a home to the talent found within its deepest trenches, which is one of many reasons why Tobax has settled within their constraint for his groundbreaking ‘From Within’ EP.

The first track you’re introduced to is ‘From Within’, setting a precedent which is orchestrated throughout the EP’s entirety. ‘From Within’ is nastily belligerent, crashing forward on antiquated levels which explode with each pounding drum. Tobax jumps straight for the jugular, slicing forward with every snapping layer of percussion and never once going for the brakes throughout. ‘Volkolak’ comes out next, with an intro that slips between different waves of bass stabs and fluctuates between intimidating flurries of beats. It’s unafraid in its fury, first lulling you into a false sense of security before exploding following its almighty drop. ‘The Alchemist’ is just as moodily serene in its growling intro, before it quickly lunges at your aural synapses with intensity prevalent across Tobax’s offerings.

Then finally you’re taken into ‘Bring the Pain’ alongside Mean Teeth, which merges together the aptitude of its collaborative outfit with Tobax’s effortless bass-heavy distortion. Together Mean Teeth and Tobax do untold devastation, kicking with rattling patches of percussion and wobbling snare, whilst the track suddenly drops into an anarchic explosion, one which ricochets across its composition. It’s the perfect way to bring Tobax’s forthcoming EP to an end. It leaves a lasting impression, one which will surely be felt throughout dancefloors and subs in the coming months.

Beatport Exc: 2nd April

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