Solar – Bulldozer / Contact
Solar – Bulldozer / Contact (Front Cover)
LABEL:Trendkill Records
STREET DATE:July 16, 2018
ARTISTS: Solar  


01. Solar – Bulldozer [3:49]
02. Solar – Contact [4:30]

Prolix’s Trendkill Records began as a creative platform for the music which has not only propelled his career, but also his underground appeal throughout the dance circuit. From country to country, and from club to club, he’s remained at the height of his game, becoming a legendary name and one which is heavily sought after. Although in recent months, he’s been focusing more on bringing artists through who have helped inspire his more contemporary sounds. Prolix has recognised Trendkill’s place within the scene and along with this realisation, the imprint has brought a host of eclectic talent into the spotlight.

One of these artists is Solar, a newcomer who’s worked diligently to become a staple across sets, especially those with a more cutting edge. Both DJs and ravers are only just beginning to understand the sonic power which this producer possesses and his forthcoming release on Trendkill will only go on to solidify this impact. The Dresden based producer has already been featured on the likes of Noisia Radio, heralded as a someone who is moving through the ranks, whilst promotion channels such as Darkstep Warrior and District Bass have lent their tastemaker fanbase to his music. And having played his music across a variety of stages, he isn’t afraid to make his presence felt, which is why his ascent is going at such a dizzying speed.

‘Contact’ pushes forward on strung atmospherics and an intro which begins to lull you into a false sense of security. However as the breakdown begins to build, you’re thrown head first into a gyrating rhythm of LFOs and cranking distortion. On the reverse, comes ‘Bulldozer’, with thumping breaks and a bassline which takes you to even deeper levels. It presents a diverse flipside, showing that there are different ways in which Solar is able to really show his production might. It’s another intimidating single from Trendkill Records and it proves that Prolix is still on the lookout for the best of what drum & bass has to offer within its trenches. This signifies exactly what Prolix is considered a heritage act within the 174bpm genre.

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