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Prolix – Light Speed / Run The Beat
Prolix – Light Speed / Run The Beat (Front Cover)
LABEL:Trendkill Records
STREET DATE:March 30, 2018
ARTISTS: Prolix  


01. Prolix – Light Speed [3:54]
02. Prolix feat. Ben Verse – Run The Beat [4:10]

A veteran on drum and basses darker undertones, Prolix is already a recognisable figure to hardened heads across the scene. Beginning his career on prolific imprints such as Playaz, Ram Records, Ganja Tek, Shogun, Blackout, Metalheadz and many more defining record labels, he craved artistic freedom and this is where the idea came for him to create his own imprint Trendkill Records in 2011. It was here he’d not only showcase his own music but also the music of newcomers who measure up to his production standard.

Drawing for his next release, Prolix has enlisted the help of featuring artist Ben Verse for double-sided single 'Lightspeed' and his name should be instantly recognisable, having fronted Pendulum's genre-defining live show. After already collaborating with Prolix on his ‘Danger’ EP, both his stage presence alongside one of drum & basses most historic acts and his musical collaborations have become renowned.

The offering's A-side creates an interdimensional imagery, one which expertly packages the engineering which has been a defining feature throughout his career. The choppy neuro beats which thump their way across the track's mix sift through the climbing synth which sits eerily against its intro. Swells of bass underscore 'Lightspeed', merging a weighty tide beneath its more rapid elements, the type which sonically accelerate the track. Prolix makes another climatic entry into 2018, tearing up the prototype and laying down his solid foundations as well as giving a brand new twist to a sound he's painstakingly created from his first output.

On the reverse you're brought into the heart of 'Run the Beat', a record which effortlessly appeals to the dancefloor whilst also slicing through with every punch of sure-fire drum peddles. Ben Verse adds his gritty vocals over the mix, the type which sets clubs alight and helps lead even the moodiest of sets. Spikes of cut-throat LFO chop up the composition, giving it a jutting edge which juxtaposes its heavyweight mixdown. 'Run the Beat' is reminiscent of his earlier back catalogue, exhuming the same runaway bassline, whilst also moving a gear forward and sending his craftmanship into overdrive. As ever, Prolix's production has a sharpness that's easy to cut yourself on. This is why he's become such a staple on the club circuit. He proves that he still runs the game, integrating his old-school appeal and stepping up his process for yet another takeover.

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