The HitMan Album – Marvellous Cain feat Cutty Ranks
The HitMan Album – Marvellous Cain feat Cutty Ranks (Front Cover)
LABEL:RIQ Yardrock Records
STREET DATE:August 7, 2017
ARTISTS: Marvellous Cain  
Serial Killaz  
Benny L  


The HitMan (Benny L Remix.) Marvellous Cain feat. Cutty Ranks 5:41
The HitMan (Serial Killaz VIP) 6:43
The HitMan (FatMan D, Klip, Outlaw & Nicky Blackmarket VIP) 4:48
The HitMan (HavocNdeeD BC VIP) 4:17

One of the biggest jungle records to come out in recent years, ‘TheHitman’ from Cutty Ranks proves the subgenre is still as infamous as it always was on the club circuit. The popularity of its reworks also demonstrates this point, with Ranks drawing the biggest names in bass music to take on remix duties, stretching the track across an impressive expanse of sound. This time he returns alongside drum & bass and garage icons such as Scott Garcia and Kenny Ken, as well as relative newcomers Benny L and Toronto is Broken, with a huge selection of fresh cuts to line your sets this coming summer.

Whilst Jinx dives with exploration of ruffneck territories, featuring lumbering drum patterns and clinking breaks, Kenny Ken’s VIP demonstrates his longevity as an artist with tightly-woven production and a wavering bassline. Then comes burgeoning artist Toronto is Broken’s take on the original, moving you into a more dancefloor lead world, reminiscent of his slowly widening back catalogue. Inna Culture points to more dancehall infused vibes, adding a diversity to the package which exemplifies a wide range of musicality. T>I does what he does best for his version, with hollow drums and a quickening pulse helping to explode the record with a take-no-prisoners reload. Benny V rolls alongside Halcyon for a gyrating number which twists between a funk-laddered bassline and climatic drum patterns, once again proving the versatility that drum & bass has to offer throughout the album’s entirety.

Dialect & Kosine, Kid Yoof, Jungle Citizens and Adam Prescott, bring their contemporary jungle sounds for their retelling, whilst Bladerunner delves into subterranean levels for his VIP. DJ Hybrid brings his old-school flavours into the mix alongside the smashing drums of CoiTy & RyKennon’s collaborative effort to which brings the record through their own signature flare. Other collaborations include Scott & Nick’s revamp, 2 Rotten Scoundrel’s, the monstrous outfit of FatMan D, Klip & Outlaw and Nicky Blackmarket, as well as K-I & P-Dee. UKG legend Scott Garcia, also has his take, bringing the track into a new bpm. Legend DJ Hype adds his remix into the fray, as well as Serial Killaz and blossoming newcomer Benny L. Other big names included on the LP include Choppah, Subtifuge, Sound Shifter 94 Killerz, Sappo and HavocNdeeD BC, Keith Rinse it, Stivs and DJ Monk. Jamie Bostron, Dreamteam, Ascend & Dead Dread, D-Region & Code and Bellyman also help to draw the album to a close, joining together an impressive set of artists.

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