Synergy: Turn It Out / Radiation
Synergy: Turn It Out / Radiation (Front Cover)
LABEL:Trendkill Records
STREET DATE:June 23, 2017

Years of continuous growth and progression have helped Synergy develop into an eclectic duo with a stellar reputation. From the darkest realms of bass music, they emerged with intricately layered designs and a production standard which attracted the attention of the scene’s greats. As well as support from the likes of legendary figures Dieselboy, Noisia, The Upbeats, Phace and Misanthrop, they’ve received spins in sets across the globe. Their determination also saw them release on drum & basses most resounding labels, from Critical and Blackout to Eatbrain, Neodigital Recordings and Subtitles. Bringing together their range of styles as standalone artists Segment and Concept Vision, they merged as a single entity that took on the dance music world and its more commercial undertones.

Their endless pursuit of cutting edge technology has lead them to Synergy’s next release on Trendkill Recordings. Owned and run by genre figurehead Prolix, Trendkill are renowned for delivering only the hardest hitting sounds and high-quality cuts, once again proving their track record with this brand new single from Synergy. Bringing something fresh, impressive and expertly crafted, Synergy provide an introduction into their ingenious musicality.

Both ‘Turn it Out’ and ‘Radiation’ set a certain precedent, one which they’ve upheld throughout the entirety of their musical careers. ‘Turn it Out’ is an intricately constructed explosion of electric guitar riffs and a gradually imposing intro, one which creeps at you segment after segment. With a crunching groove and pounding stabs of bass, Synergy come at you from every angle. An overwhelming composition pulls you deeper and deeper into their climatic mix, with sudden direction changes that catch you unaware. The producers switch it up between segments, never allowing you to feel safe within their grasp.

‘Radiation’ rolls out with the same intensity, despite being slightly more minimal. Banging drums and crashing snare add a hook which is undeniably catchy, coming at you with its full ferocity following its introduction. Warbling, undiluted and snapping between its aggressive relays, Synergy give a flipside which has the same crashing impact. Clearly masters of their art, Synergy go for the aural vital points, leaving you reeling at their chaotic, but skilled craftsmanship.

Beatport Exc: 9th June

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