In:Most – Over The Shoulder EP
In:Most – Over The Shoulder EP (Front Cover)
LABEL:Soulvent Records
STREET DATE:November 10, 2017
ARTISTS: In:Most  
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01. In:Most feat. Lyra – Yesterday [5:12]
02. In:Most – Over The Shoulder [5:02]
03. In:Most – Her [4:08]
04. In:Most – Open Eye Storm [4:30]

In this new age of digital music the ‘bedroom producer’ is far from an unfamiliar term. Artists who wouldn’t have had a voice prior to the internet can now grace us with their music. Josh Croft & Bailey Greer – hailing from opposite sides of the globe - met for the first time face to face, minutes before for their set at Hospitality In The Park this year. However for the past two years the pair have overcome time zones, defeated Skype delay and melded their sounds to become one of the most exciting duos to grace the ever-growing d&b scene. Receiving strong response to their Changes single (SV028) earlier this year, we’ve brought the boys back for an EP which doesn’t disappoint.

Yesterday builds slowly into a breezy feel-good rhythm, complete with shimmering ascending synth clicks & plucks alongside a warm sub bass. Lyra’s vocals soar above the tracks simple yet effective composition.

Over The Shoulder meanwhile showcases some darker tones, with an old school jungle break harking back to the early 90s sound of the scene. The track title openly suggesting that the boys are keen to not just dabble in one sound.

By Your Side opens with soft, calming jazz melodies and a gorgeous guitar riff courtesy of Bailey/Josh, later introducing an almost vocoder-like tone. This 6-string swing is effortlessly matched by a double bass pattern that smacks of older d&b.

Final track Open Eye Storm meanwhile kicks off into a strong break-beat, cased in rumbly pulsating synths and horns. Soft, airy vocals intersperse the chords, with counter-point synths and pianos galore - culminating in a classic In:Most roller.

Now becoming a firm staple in our roster for 2017 and beyond, this half-English, half-Australian hybrid deliver a solid EP displaying their versatility as a duo. Don’t forget to grab a copy of the Over The Shoulder EP - dropping on the 10th November.

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