Indivision – Mirakuru Remixed
Indivision – Mirakuru Remixed (Front Cover)
LABEL:Subsphere Records
STREET DATE:January 30, 2018
ARTISTS: Indivision  
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[3:48] 01. Indivision – Elee (Alter Ego Remix)
[4:09] 02. Indivision – Keystrokes (ft. Alter Ego & Pipistrelle) (High Ground Remix)
[4:08] 03. Indivision – Mirakuru (Rameses B Remix)
[4:42] 04. Indivision – Libra (Echo Inada & Kasger Remix)
[4:30] 05. Indivision – Keystrokes (ft. Alter Ego & Pipistrelle) (Monrroe Remix)
[4:24] 06. Indivision – Remember My Name (ft. Pipistrelle) (Haszan & Overload Remix)
[5:05] 07. Indivision – Gladio (Wiljan Remix)
[4:24] 08. Indivision – Elee (Drifta Remix)
[4:53] 09. Indivision – Edgar Allan Poe (Aperio Remix)
[5:11] 10. Indivision – Insomnia (ft. Gmorozov) (Boxplot Remix)
[5:16] 11. Indivision – Pirates (Northern Zone Remix)
[4:34] 12. Indivision – Imprints On My Soul (ft. Identified) (Phloem Remix)
[4:06] 13. Indivision – Interceptor (ft. Boxplot) (Elliot Berger Remix)
[4:31] 14. Indivision – Libra (Fliwo Remix)
[4:19] 15. Indivision – Remember My Name (ft. Pipistrelle) (Tesla Coil Remix)
[4:28] 16. Indivision – Pirates (Maxin Remix)
[5:54] 17. Indivision – Imprints On My Soul (ft. Identified) (Stunna Remix)
[5:10] 18. Indivision – Peaky Blinders (HeadRead Remix)
[3:04] 19. Indivision – Remember My Name (ft. Pipistrelle) (Meluran Remix)
[4:22] 20. Indivision – Peaky Blinders (Edlan Remix)
[4:11] 21. Indivision – Edgar Allan Poe (Stanza Remix)
[5:33] 22. Indivision – Mirakuru (Chords Remix)
[6:09] 23. Indivision – Gladio (Kasger Remix)
[3:36] 24. Indivision – Gladio (Kasger Remix, Radio Edit)

Based in Bournemouth, UK, arguably the home of drum & bass, ​Subsphere Records​​ have worked with some of the best and brightest names in the industry since its creation in 2011, including ​Feint, Stan SB, Keeno, Whiney, Moleman, Veela, Phase​​, and more.

Following the massive success of I​ndivision’s ‘Mirakuru’ LP ​​released in February, 23 artists from across the spectrum of drum & bass have come together to deliver an incredible collection of remixes, each one as stunning and unique as the last.

Alter Ego​​ provides the first track, an energetic remix of ‘Elee’ that pumps the track full of new levels of adrenaline. Bristol duo ​High Ground​​ work their magic on ‘Keystrokes’, infusing pure feel-good vibes and chirping melodies alongside ​Pipistrelle’s ​​stunning Vocals.

Rameses B​​, industry favourite who was featured on the sampler released earlier this year, adds his signature vibrancy to title-track ‘Mirakuru’, which also gets the remix treatment from RAM Records’ own ​Chords​​ – rest assured that while these are remixes of the same original tune, the end products could not be more different!

Echo Inada & Kasger​​ deliver one of the album’s most memorable remixes with their take on ‘Libra’, a high-energy, electro-heavy version that is destined for the dancefloor. On the softer side of things is ​Monrroe’s​​ take on ‘Keystrokes’, a glistening gem of liquid gold with the young producer’s magic touch.

Haszan & Overload​​, who were also featured on the sampler, remix the vocal heavy ‘Remember my Name’ with incredible dexterity, delivering completely reimagined breakdowns alongside the original vocals. ​Tesla Coil​​ also take on this track, adding a darker twist and representing the sounds of neurofunk on the album.

Wiljan​​ takes things to a more somber place with his edit of ‘Gladio’, a heartfelt tune with an intense, emotive atmosphere that leaves a lasting impression. On the other side, ​Kasger​​ also remix the track, again in a completely different direction with a bright, vivacious soundscape that fills a room.

Drifta ​​disassembles ‘Elee’ and offers a stripped down, glitched out, and incredibly bold remix with a trap twist that is as infectious as it is intrepid.

Leeds based producer ​Aperio​​ turns ‘Edgar Allan Poe’ into a gentle lullaby, adding a liquid charm that transports the listener to faraway worlds.​ Boxplot ​​turns ‘Insomnia’ into an upbeat, glitch heavy track with a whole energy and brightness, while ​Northern Zones​​ tackle ‘Pirates’, giving it a classic rolling vibe.

Phloem​​ takes on the soulful ‘Imprints on my Soul’, allowing the original vocals to shine over a soft, shimmering atmosphere with jazzy undertones. ​Elliot Berger​​, also featured on the sampler, transforms ‘Interceptor’ into a future bass masterpiece, whereas​ Fliwo ​​re-energizes ‘Libra’ in a whole new way as well.

‘Pirates’ gets a second remix from ​Maxin​​, which offers a bold new range of sounds that build up slowly before erupting in a revitalized new take on the track.​ Stunna​​ offers a cinematic take on ‘Imprints on my Soul’ while ​HeadRead​​ turn ‘Peaky Blinders’ into one seriously funky track with a whole lot of personality. ​Edlan​​ turn the same track ‘Peaky Blinders’ into an elegant, jazzy piece that flows effortlessly from start to finish.

Meluran​​ turn up the heat with their take on ‘Remember My Name’, introducing a whole new range of sounds right from the start that burst with energy as the original vocals weave in and out of this future bass reimagining.

Stanza ​​bring the heat with their take on ‘Edgar Allan Poe’, adding a dark, neuro vibe to the track that is completely unlike anything else on the album.

This album is jam-packed with talent, incorporating names from across not only drum & bass, but the broader electronic music scene for a collection that is both diverse and multi-faceted. Each artist brings something completely unique to the table, making for a quintessential album for both fans of the original Indivision release as well as drum & bass fans in general.

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