Soul Defiance: Cyclical
Soul Defiance: Cyclical (Front Cover)
LABEL:Addictive Behaviour
STREET DATE:August 17, 2020
ARTISTS: Soul Defiance  


1. Verges Soul Defiance 5:09
2. Roller 123 Soul Defiance 6:00
3. Dirty Water Soul Defiance 5:20
4. Tek 10 Soul Defiance 5:16
5. Distance Soul Defiance 5:36
6. Cyclical Soul Defiance 4:49
7. Slip Down Soul Defiance 4:32
8. Dimensions Soul Defiance 5:39

It’s not very often that we see 8 fresh solo productions on an Addictive release. But so impressed was the label by the vibrant alternative sounds in a recent collection of demos, they have decided to curate this thrilling and energetic release from the man known as Soul Defiance. AB have been nurturing Soul Defiance since first releasing a track on the label’s Rotation Four LP. Watching closely as his production skills have evolved, both producer and label are now ready to unleash this arsenal of music to the world.

Soul Defiance - “The Cyclical EP opens with the track 'Verges' which was the defining piece of the EP. This whole piece of work was about me pushing myself to get better each time I sit down to write music. It's about feeling like you're always on the verge of getting to the next level in your art but never quite getting there, hence the name. I'm glad people will be able to hear what I've been doing and how things have progressed - big love to all the DNB heads!”

The Cyclical EP goes full circle with its diversity of styles bringing a different flavour in each piece, delivering a rounded collection of music that is suitable for all seasons. Soul Defiance thinks outside the box with his writing and it shines through here! AB fans can grab a taster of this release in advance with ‘Dimensions’ being sent out as a freebie in advance. Check the label’s Soundcloud page for more info.

Beatport Exc: 3rd Aug

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