Skynet – Transhumanism / Singularity
Skynet – Transhumanism / Singularity (Front Cover)
LABEL:C4C Recordings
STREET DATE:July 3, 2017
ARTISTS: Skynet  


01. Skynet – Transhumanism [6:21]
02. Skynet – Singularity [5:35]

Alongside their decorated history and long-serving commitment to drum & bass, C4C have released some of the most definitive releases the genre has seen. Time and time again they deliver uncompromising, fearsome cuts which line sets globally, ensuring their hegemony of the scene’s darker realms continues with every release. And with the addition of Skynet to their back catalogue, C4C will further solidify why they have such a fearsome reputation.

Skynet himself has chiselled out a place within the drum & bass history books. From the very beginning, he pushed the animated, brooding sounds which made his music so identifiable within the genre’s entire discography. For his next single, he returns to this state-of-the-art sonic artillery, unafraid to flex his heavyweight skillset. The output is a return to the releases which have ensured his longevity within the game, proving he still has the ferocity which made him so infamous.

First up is ‘Transhumanism’, nodding to C4C’s unashamed obsession with hard-driving riddims and methodically engineered production. With sharply elevating beat patterns and an extra-terrestrial soundscape stretching out across its intro, the track slowly begins to roll more ominously, before hollowed drums pad out its ascending bassline. The floor breaks away from you suddenly and you’re left freefalling down tribal instrumentals and distorted bass peddles. Its driving groove then twitches each one of your nerve endings, creating a dancefloor record that’ll pedestal Skynet’s ingenuity as being at home in any late-night set.

On the flip comes ‘Singularity’, with ethereal atmospherics and creeping synths laying across its metallic undertones. The track winds up steadily, before its jagged bassline catches you by the aural synapses and throws you between each one of its layers. It’s difficult to pull yourself away from the record’s intricate grasp, one which is meticulously manufactured. Ducking and diving between each sonic stab, it pushes forward on clanking kicks and warbling bass. Skynet is here to break the paradigm and alongside the C4C imprint, his music will hit the masses with its full force. He’s a producer who crafts his world to fit his own ideals; ones which have allowed him to stand the test of time.

Beatport Exclusive: June 19, 2017

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