Segment & Concept Vision – Roar EP
Segment & Concept Vision – Roar EP (Front Cover)
STREET DATE:August 15, 2016
ARTISTS: Concept Vision  

Elevated far above the streets in one of the towering high-rise buildings that dominated the urban heart, the sound of the high-octane pursuit below barely penetrated the bleak musty cubical. Its cigarette-stained walls are etched with the marks he’d made to signify the passing of his life in this space. The ever-present hum of building’s servers that once he’d thought faintly pleasant, oppressively penetrated his eardrums - continually evolving… scraping the inside of his brain like sonic sandpaper.

Flickering lights from the city’s exterior advertisements strobed across the dark sea of cubicles, the huddled occupants of each fixated on the faint glow of their viewscreens, their enslaved minds pouring over the flow of a sea of meaningless data. The lights hurt his eyes these days, each wave illuminating his dank space peaked his migraine – like shards of glass penetrating deep into the roots of his skull and twisting within his cortex on the way. He was at the edge, hovering on the very horizon of sanity itself… the boundary blurring – what was more insane – this existence? Or the one he desired – to tear himself free from the bonds of this reality… for his heart to burn with the light of a thousand stars as he steered his body towards the purity of presence outside of this slavery… to defy the great architect and stand proud just for a moment… Just as this thought manifested, he felt the tight grip upon his shoulder - briskly pulling him around to see the corrupt, fat, distorted face of the overseer sneering down through that twisted crevice of a mouth. Those chains broke – he felt his hand grasping the keyboard that he had been so long manacled to in his mind, moving with the rotation of the chair as he rose swiftly with the roar that escaped him so fluidly. The overseer’s shocked expression froze in time as the keyboard collided with his mouth – landing with such brutal force that the shockwave passed through his fat face. With that roar, he felt free… he had found himself.

SEGMENT & CONCEPT VISION follow up their incredible MAMMOTH EP with their 2nd impressive outing on neurofunk’s leading label, EATBRAIN. Proving once more the exceptional skill of their combined production with the 5 heavy-duty tracks of the ROAR EP (including free release with the vocal-led ‘EMPIRE’), the pair set the bar high through their powerful sound. Whether it’s the stuttering might of title track ROAR with its nightmare fueled arpeggios, or the dub-influenced sci-fi majesty of THIRST (featuring COD3X) - each track proves more relentless than the last. This is tear-out neurofunk at its best, proving once again the strength of the EATBRAIN sound and cementing another incredible pair of Russian producers within the roster.

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