Save The Rave & Dub Elements – Acid, Acid, Acid / You
Save The Rave & Dub Elements – Acid, Acid, Acid / You (Front Cover)
LABEL:DEM Recordings
STREET DATE:July 10, 2020
ARTISTS: Dub Elements  
Save The Rave  


1. Acid, Acid, Acid - Save The Rave – 5:06
2. Y.O.U – Save The Rave & Dub Elements – 5:08

Dem Recordings, the imprint which was brought together by the combined talents of duo Dub Elements, are about to debut a brand-new selection on their label from producers Save The Rave alongside the head honchos. It once again proves the undeniable weight of the Dub Elements as well as their ability to welcome a plethora of talent into their ranks. And this continues following their solo release ‘SHIT’, which was another explosive insight into the no-holds-barred take Dub Elements have on drum & bass. They provide yet more sonic artillery through this forthcoming, double-sided single and it’s an introspective look at what they’ve been carefully crafting whilst seeing out the lockdown period.

The Sevilla pairing have made a name for themselves previously through their releases on Eatbrain, Shogun, Viper, Eatbrain and PRSPCT, with Dem Recordings now giving them a platform for their own creative process. They’ve also been engineering a place for the artists who sit pride of place within their own DJ sets, the type of shows which have made them a staple across the European club circuit, from Ibiza through to their own events across Spain. Dub Elements know what their fans want, and this is reflected through the crowd’s reaction to their raucous DJ sets. ‘Acid, Acid, Acid’ and ‘Y.O.U’ are no different.

Also hailing from Sevilla, Save the Rave are just as explosive and they’ve used their backgrounds within their local scene to bring the same vibes which caught the attention of Dub Elements. Whilst ‘Acid, Acid, Acid’ presents a standalone track from Save the Rave, paying homage to the roots of their genre with its ruminating bass notes, ‘Y.O.U’ offers a reverse alongside Dub Elements, merging the two undeniable forces of both sets of artists and delivering an astounding B-side. Dub Elements once again prepares you for another climatic part of their release schedule, never letting off the throttle for the rise of Dem Recordings.

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