Optiv presents: Instinkt – Spidernet EP
Optiv presents: Instinkt – Spidernet EP (Front Cover)
LABEL:Red Light Records
STREET DATE:November 24, 2017
ARTISTS: Instinkt  
Tomek N  


01. Instinkt – Spidernet [4:08]
02. Instinkt – Fat Boy [4:30]
03. Instinkt – Whey [4:39]
04. Instinkt & Tomek – Splitter [4:11]

Red Light Records has demonstrated that with every successive release, they’re able to retain a heavyweight status, continually diving into the renowned talents their roster has at its disposal. And alongside the likes of label head Optiv, whose career has run parallel with the neurofunk subgenre, Red Light has driven out some of the most definitive newcomers spread across the vast amount of aptitude available both through cyberspace and the clubs which spin drum & bass.

Red Light’s next release has seen Instinkt take to the studio fr forthcoming EP ‘Spidernet’. With four, deliciously brand new records taking the centrefold, Instinkt asserts himself alongside other key players within Red Light’s fierce sonic army. Title-track ‘Spidernet’ ignites a flame which burns furiously with each featuring cut on the track listing. Its colossal layers of bass heavy distortion ricochet across a meticulously fashioned bassline, one which pulses with power throughout every carefully constructed sixteen bar. Each punching drum hits harder than the next, creating an impact which leaves seismic craters in its composition. ‘Fat Boy’ is more ethereal in its slow grind into madness; orchestrated through steppy beat channels and creaking atmospherics. Instinkt throws himself deeper into its undeniably stringent mixdown, pulling each string and ensuring the track packs a solid blow even after its first climatic breakdown.

‘Whey’ is just as impenetrable, crashing forward on unrestrained beat patterns and crushing levels of bass. The track dips and dives between a fleshy skeleton of sound, alluding to its dancefloor appeal and flaunting Instinkt’s penchant for making bodies move. Finally, the featured collaboration between Instinkt and Tomtek rolls out in quick succession, obliterating any chance of a dip in quality and pushing through amongst sharp percussive hits and moody stabs which create stepping stones into its almighty drop. Tomtek channels his brooding signature and archaic mixes into ‘Splitter’ for an all-out assault on the senses; it’s overwhelmingly large and isn’t afraid to do aural damage.

Together they represent just one pairing which has detonated chaos within the back catalogue of Red Light Records. And with the New Year approaching, they’re set to make even more imperative moves within their sphere of dance music.

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