Randall presents: TREX – Treatment EP
Randall presents: TREX – Treatment EP (Front Cover)
LABEL:Mac II Recordings
STREET DATE:February 27, 2017

Mac II Recordings originated during the golden era of drum & bass. After the notorious London record shop De-Underground Records stopped trading, Randall and Coolhand Flex wanted to keep the DIY spirit alive. Bringing together their A&R might, the two producers sought after artists who shared the same ethos. One of these artists is Trex, a long-time drum & bass fanatic from Camden who’s received a huge amount of support from the biggest players in the scene. Whether that’s Ram head honcho Andy C, or tastemakers Bailey or Grooverider, he’s been working steadily in the studio for a period of years, chiselling a name for himself amongst the generations of music lovers who would have once been the customers at De-Underground Records.

The forthcoming EP from Trex is a four-track package which features a host of punchy, aggressive rollers which show no mercy on their listener. Trex doesn’t bow to any commercial standards and delivers piece after piece of a nasty, sonic artwork.

The ‘Treatment’ EP begins with ‘Raptor’, a track which surges with energy but is still understated in the way it creeps up on its listener. Filled out with clattering percussion and pitched up frequencies, Trex proves why he’s garnered so much support from a whole range of high-profile DJs. Title-track ‘Treatment’ follows suit, a smashing record that spills out with quickly-stabbing beats and chinking hi-hats. Distorted bass takes you into deeper levels and Trex is once again proven to be a master of his art.

‘Romany’s Song’ peddles the same type of angrily driving bassline and construction line of snapping, wizzing beats that have made this EP a stand out. Underpinned by jaunty bass, it’s crushing yet still smooth in the way it’s delivered. Trex doesn’t compensate complexity for loudness and his production standard is clear throughout. And closing the EP is ‘Orison’. You’re taken down a journey that nods to the old school whilst also bringing his work into the modern day and Trex doesn’t disappoint, channelling the ethos which Mac II Recordings are known for. Always paying homage to the roots which have made drum & bass so infamous.

Juno Exc: 20th Feb

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