Phonograph @Hyperactivity Music Label Night XL

Had so much fun at the Hyperactivity Music – Label Night XL in Marseille, tried out my two brand new dubplates and mixed them together! Big shout out to Brk Morgan aka BRK for organising this amazing event and inviting me + the rest of the Hyperactivity Gang + the special guests: Dj Randall, Zero T, SpectraSoul, and Multiplex MC. Thanks also to everyone who came along for the support! Wee preview of those cheeky dubplates! One <3

Publiée par Phonograph sur Mercredi 23 mai 2018

Phonograph: Aquarius EP
Phonograph: Aquarius EP (Front Cover)
LABEL:Hyperactivity Music
STREET DATE:October 5, 2018
ARTISTS: Phonograph  


1. Aquarius Phonograph 6:02
2. Vertical Phonograph 5:40
3. Time Flies Phonograph 4:50
4. Destiny Phonograph 4:58

Hyperactivity Music is one of many French labels who’ve been creating their own microcosm within the wider drum & bass world. However they’ve stood out amongst their counterparts, by consistently releasing music which doesn’t just break the mould within their respective spheres, but also across the wider industry. The ‘Aquarius’ EP from Phonograph is a prime example, bringing through four brand new tracks which create a package perfectly demonstrating the technical prowess prevalent throughout Hyperactivity Music’s roster. Hyperactivity Music provides a place for likeminded artists to have their take on drum & bass and since its inception the results have been a testament to the label’s A&R.

Although relatively unknown, Phonograph has already been carving a career on imprints such as AutomAte, Mindtech Recordings, and Transmission Audio LTD. His budding fan base is becoming more extensive and with an EP about to drop on Hyperactivity, he’s about to become even more of a global name. Title-track ‘Aquarius’ is painstakingly constructed, with clanking mechanics maintaining the track’s momentum. Whilst it adheres to the technicality which Hyperactivity stand by, it also highlights an impressive song writing ability from Phonograph. ‘Vertical’ follows through in the same vein, cutting deep with each punch of percussion whilst its rolling drums take you through its complexly laid out mix. Then comes ‘Time Flies’, with wobbling bass riffs and a crackling undercurrent of percussion. ‘Time Flies’ is more destructive in its layout; its bassline rattles through as you’re taken into each breakdown in a way that leaves you freefalling between breaks. Despite the more minimal approach of Phonograph, he demonstrates how he’s still able to cut deep with every crunching layer of sound. Finishing the EP is ‘Destiny’; again it shows the harder edge of Phonograph’s production and catapults you through each tearaway drop of bass with scuttling metallics.

Phonograph delivers his heavyweight business to Hyperactivity Music and it’s something which won’t go unnoticed. He continues to bring the heat and this EP is just another stepping stone. Hyperactivity proves once again that they’re a label who is on the forefront of cutting-edge drum & bass and the artists who are creating it.

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