Optiv presents: Mean Teeth
Optiv presents: Mean Teeth (Front Cover)
LABEL:Red Light Records
STREET DATE:May 11, 2018
ARTISTS: Optiv  
Mean Teeth  


01. Mean Teeth – Breaking Point [5:05]
02. Mean Teeth – Nine Lives [7:29]

Mean Teeth need little introduction, having already solidified their names within the world of drum & bass causing all-out anarchy with both their destructive cuts and their tearaway DJ sets. And they make their first appearance on Optiv’s Red Light Records, a label which set a path for neurofunk and has helped to platform some of its finest newcomer producers. The next single delivered by Mean Teeth through Red Light proves that their game has been raised yet another level, which seemed impossible after the slew of high-octane, meticulously created tracks which have flooded the market from them over the subsequent years since their first appearance. But they once again offer up two madly manufactured records which pedestal why Estonia & Lithuania has become such a hotbed for the drum & bass genre, proving time and time again that it breeds the finest talent available through the genre’s underground trenches.

‘Breaking Point’ is a runaway detonation which submerges you in the deep end from its very first sixteen bars, grabbing you unaware and never taking its hold off your aural nerves throughout its chaos. The track grows more and more drivingly aggressive as it explodes into action, pushing through its destruction with each pounding set of drums and crackling swatches of LFO. Growingly beneath the mix, the bassline pushes through with bite after bite of scuttling percussion, before building up into an almighty monster which then continually switches in its formation. This keeps the track interesting and it’s why Mean Teeth have proven to be the masters of their craft.

On the reverse, you’re drawn into ‘Nine Lives’, a record which scratches with its claws and goes for the vital points with every slab of heavyweight bass stabs. Its intro is moodier than its forerunners and it creates more of a creeping atmosphere, one which suddenly drops and drags you down into its murky world. Both tracks provide yet more reasons why Mean Teeth are so revered; however that’s not just within neurofunk but the wider scene. Under the provision of veterans like Optiv, they’re looking to expand their dominion like never before.

Beatport Exc: 27th Apr

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