Optiv presents: GOH – Propagation
Optiv presents: GOH – Propagation (Front Cover)
LABEL:Red Light Records
STREET DATE:October 29, 2018
ARTISTS: Optiv  


1. Propagation Goh 4:26
2. To The Core Goh 4:41

For an artist with little social media presence, Italian drum & bass maestro Goh has been using his music to build a formidable reputation, one which is now being given a platform by the foundations of Red Light Records. Set up in 2003 by Cause4Concern’s Optiv, a collective who have helped pave the way for many emerging talents drawn from the bass world’s gloomiest undercurrents, it stands as an embodiment of what Goh represents. That’s why he was welcomed into their fold; Red Light’s roster has an impenetrable production standard and boasts a wealth of talent, one which Goh fits within perfectly.

Although drum & bass isn’t the only world which Goh has built his craft over the entirety of his career - as well as working within film scoring and cross-genre productions, his influences span throughout an array of different soundscapes. However drum & bass is where he’s found his home, which is obvious through his previous cuts on Mindtech, the pivotal Let it Roll EPs and Close 2 Death Recordings.

The first of two tracks, ‘Propagation’ rolls through on an epic intro, one which paves layer on top of layer until you’re drawn into clashing metallics, under laid by thumping drum progressions. ‘Propagation’ bites between each section and has slices of cutting percussion which punch through the practised composing which has made Goh such a sought after producer over recent months.

Then on the flipside, you’re pulled ‘To the Core’, with the same ferocity as its forerunner; however it oozes more of a slick, dancefloor edge. Whilst ‘Propagation’ focuses heavily on its thumping juxtaposition of elements, ‘To the Core’ aims to get bodies moving within a club space. The throbbing bassline zips through the mix and you become instantly aware why Goh is becoming a name within his own right, without the need for cyberspace hype. Each side shows a different part of Goh’s versatility and it’s a diversity which throws itself at you on first listen. It’s time to once again be pulled into the world of Red Light, one held up by music of an intimidating quality.

Beatport Exc: 15th Oct

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