Optiv presents: Disphonia (Remixes)
Optiv presents: Disphonia (Remixes) (Front Cover)
LABEL:Red Light Records
STREET DATE:March 26, 2018
ARTISTS: Optiv  
The Clamps  


1. Energy (Inward, Hanzo, Randie Remix) Disphonia 4:56
2. Back To The Old School (The Clamps Remix) Disphonia 4:50

An arc that cuts across the present comes at the cost of the past. Against the bleak backdrop of the deadlands, its fierce frame resonated darkly within the stark heat of its viewpoint. An epoch of regeneration lay behind it, the slow burn as it reconstituted and absorbed the meager energy of these barren lands. Its state was fully formed once more, the crux of divination achieved as it prepared for its final transformation – to dive through the many faces of death and penetrate the void, pierce the fabric of life once more and re-emerge beyond the reach of this world’s inhabitants. Immortality awaits in the promise of new lives, let the cycle of desecration begin again, let life itself buckle at the knee as civilisations rise, fall and fall again.

DISPHONIA’s exceptional pair of tracks ENERGY and BACK TO THE OLD SCHOOL (feat. KRYPTOMEDIC) became dancefloor staples of 2017, knocking the rave into shape with the duo’s powerful neuro sensibilities with style and longevity. Now in 2018 RED LIGHT RECORDS steps it up a notch with a pair of mighty reimagined perspectives on the powerful source material, with INWARD, HANZO & RANDIE and THE CLAMPS delivering the heavy. There’s no messing around with this brutal pair of remixes, dense sonics rule here with relentless aggression in full effect, cutting a psychotic path into a future domain.

Beatport Exc: 12th Mar

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