Optiv presents: Akrom – Invictus EP
Optiv presents: Akrom – Invictus EP (Front Cover)
LABEL:Red Light Records
STREET DATE:April 25, 2016
ARTISTS: Optiv  

Akrom, and Red Light Records, bring you the Invictus EP. Akrom hails from Modena, Italy, and has been involved in drum & bass music since the early 2000s. First as a raver, then a DJ, and latterly as a producer (first under the name Moon, and now Akrom), his first successes came via fellow Italian Maztek's Subculture Music label.

Placing fourth in the BHK Samples/Neurofunk Grid contest with Egotopia in 2014 laid the foundation for his breakthrough year last year, which involved exposure on the Neurofunk Grid Youtube channel, and support from names like Mind Vortex, Chris.SU, June Miller, Mob Tactics, and of course Optiv, whose Red Light label provides a home for the new four track Invictus EP.

The title track leads off, with a deep, atmospheric introduction which draws us neatly into the space-age, cinematic world of Akrom's production. Building subtly, the artist starts to bring in his signature drums over some searching synths. Things break down nicely then, with electronics flowing freely over the top. This is a prime example of dynamic, danceable drum & bass for 2016.

Equally Mindless, which follows, bears the stamp of the Italian producer. A wide view, an insistent beat and some very classy bass pressure are the hallmarks of this one. With enough to keep the dancefloor busy, Akrom explores new ground, or should that be space, with flip-flopping melodies and charged effects to keep things interesting. New, fresh and dynamic, this track is good evidence of d&b's ability to reinvent itself.

Genoma is massive. An opening full of stealth and cunning leads to a rough and rugged main section. Akrom doesn't hold back, pouring everything into the track, which smashed a hole in everything it touches. Impossible not to skank out to, this one is set to be huge. The EP's final track is truly the Zenith, with light and floating sounds taking you up to the top, before dark and destructive forces come in later. Dancefloor devastation ensues.

More amazing quality from Red Light Records and Akrom. Claim the Invictus EP now.

Beatport Exc: 11th April

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