Mizo feat. Anatomix – Shadow Madness
Mizo feat. Anatomix – Shadow Madness (Front Cover)
LABEL:Beryllium Audio
STREET DATE:July 13, 2017


01. Mizo – Shadow Madness [4:57]
02. Mizo feat. AnatomiX – Dozen Of Noize [5:03]
03. Mizo – Photon [5:18]

Beginning his career in 2009 and inspired by the warped sounds of Russia’s drum & bass hotbed, Mizo spent two years discovering his perfectly refined craft. During the first two years in which he immersed himself in the genre’s cultural roots, he discovered DJ Bes’ infamous Neuropunk podcast, which would be a monumental step towards Mizo creating his own hard-hitting sound. It was through this podcast that his eyes were opened to the more underground noises which infiltrated the scene and Bes’ podcast would soon serve to platform Mizo’s first single ‘Blood Line’. In the same year, he’d release on Ammunition Records and Deepah Beatz, slowly widening a discography which now stands as a testament to his commitment to 174bpm.

He then joined Bes and Menfort as part of the Gydra production outfit, which would lead him to gain notoriety on the likes of Eatbrain, Cause 4 Concern, Ayra and BlackOut. As well as performing across the European club circuit and in front of thousands in Russia, Mizo was unstoppable as both a singular force and part of his hard hitting production group.

However, up next from Mizo is a standalone EP on the fearsome Beryllium Audio imprint, a UK label who has a staunch commitment to the underground, continuing to release vicious cuts which slice straight through the aural jugular. Title-track ‘Shadow Madness’ upholds this ethos, with pumping subs which kick-in instantly, shaking the mix’s foundations before adding layer after layer of rattling percussion. The track then thumps into a seismic drop, before the curdling bassline tips you to and fro between clattering grooves.

Featuring the chaotic sounds of Anatomix, ‘Dozen of Noise’ comes next. It’s a gripping record that commands your full attention with a dystopian soundscape and a sonic call to arms which grips you between each climatic break. And lastly, ‘Photon’ provides a similar chaotic, swirling explosion of sonic beats and the unapologetic wrath which Mizo has learnt to construct diligently.

His influence over the world of neurofunk is made clear from the EP’s beginning to end – it’s this influence which has made him so accessible for fans across Europe and Russia.

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