Tapolsky & VovKING – Kaiman / Hyperid
Tapolsky & VovKING – Kaiman / Hyperid (Front Cover)
LABEL:Mainframe Recordings
STREET DATE:November 30, 2017
ARTISTS: Tapolsky & VovKING  


01. Tapolsky & VovKING – Kaiman [4:29]
02. Tapolsky & VovKING – Hyperid [4:41]

Beware of the Yacare Kaiman! Ukrainian hot topic Tapolsky & VovKING are back on Mainframe with a hard-hitting double set of dancefloor bangers.

Having become a staple in Ukraine's EDM landscape over the past years, the duo has recently shifted its focus purely to Drum & Bass and entered the international scene with releases on high profile labels such as ProgRAM and Technique rightaway. Being known for their uniquely crisp sound, next-level production and a vanguardist approach to rather liquid sounds, Tapolsky & VovKING's forthcoming single on Mainframe Recordings is definitely their roughest take on the genre so far.

Its massive intro makes “Kaiman” a perfect set opener. Enter the swamp and witness that mean little bastard sneaking up on its prey, cold blooded and ready to strike. The drop hits just as ferocious, twisted and attacky all over the place. With a glitched-out percussive lead theme driven by whiplash snare hits, this one is going to take the crowds with ease.

“Hyperid” on the flip side drags you in with a tribalist percussion loop, building up in tension to burst off as a wicked chimera between Jump Up and Neurofunk that will get the heads spazzing out wild.

Beatport exclusive: November 16th, 2017
Worldwide release: November 30th, 2017

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