Memtrix – Dare Me / Oxidate
Memtrix – Dare Me / Oxidate (Front Cover)
LABEL:Viper Recordings
STREET DATE:October 12, 2018
ARTISTS: Memtrix  


1. Dare Me 3:53
2. Oxidate 5:00

Memtrix is a name quickly growing to the forefront of drum & bass, impressing fans around the world with his impeccable and diverse productions. One of the few artists who boasts being able to record every single instrument used in his tracks, there is no doubting that Memtrix’s success is only just beginning. Following his most recent release ‘Of The Ice/Blood Run’, Memtrix returns to the mighty Viper with ‘Dare Me/Oxidate’.

‘Dare Me’ is instantly recognizable as a Memtrix track with incredibly intelligent and interesting sound design from the get-go. Haunting vocals float amongst a wide array of rousing noises, creating an atmosphere that is simultaneously eerie and energetic.

The other side of the single, ‘Oxidate’, is a much more menacing track, with a cinematic ambiance that is foreboding and sinister. Dark synths enter the mix amidst the haunting atmosphere, injecting a nefarious energy into the tune while spooky vocal samples add to the sci-fi/horror vibe of the track.

Intelligent, engaging sound design has become synonymous with the producer’s name, and this release is no exception. Flawlessly fusing dark, ominous sound design into such high-energy, thoughtful production is no easy feat, but Memtrix continues to break the mould with each release, proving that he is a welcome addition to the Viper family.

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