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Mean Teeth – Multitude & Blaze Remixes
Mean Teeth – Multitude & Blaze Remixes (Front Cover)
LABEL:Impact Music
STREET DATE:March 15, 2019
ARTISTS: Mean Teeth  
The Clamps  


01. Mean Teeth – Multitude (The Clamps Remix) [4:35]
02. Mean Teeth – Blaze (Vowel Remix) [4:57]

Drum & bass imprint Impact Music have remained on the front line when it’s come to driving their sounds throughout the wider European market. This is something which they’ve often been heralded for, delivering a variety of different artists who have sculpted the labels reputation. With their next string of releases slated throughout 2019, they’re about to make even more of an impact this year, with the first step being their remixes of an already formidable collection – music from Mean Teeth. Both ‘Multitude’ and ‘Blaze’ cemented themselves across many mainstage DJ sets following their release on Impact, which is why many fans will be excited to hear the announcement that these tracks have received remix treatments.

Impact are renowned for offering music from established acts, as well as artists who are beginning to build their own place within the wider drum & bass world. For this project, they’ve brought on board The Clamps, a French pioneer of the genre, as well as Vowel, who draws his influence from the streets of Lisbon and Bristol. It highlights how Impact have a birds-eye view of the drum & bass scene and how they’ve utilized this to bring the very best artists into their roster.

The Clamps’ take on ‘Multitude’ is thumping as each pounding drum beat moves into the next. He grabs hold of the choppy bassline provided for by Mean Teeth and pushes this through a different prototype. The Clamps production is sharp and this pushes through each one of their productions, especially with the added help of Mean Teeth on the remix’s original.

‘Blaze‘ is taken into another dimension by Vowel, who twists the track into an almost unrecognizable shape. One part of the record which instantly stands out about Vowel’s work on ‘Blaze’ is the groove which sits underneath each meticulously crafted layer. Vowel makes himself felt in the house of Impact, proving that by having him in their midst they’ve only reached another challenging level. They’re here to make their presence known and the forthcoming remix package from Impact does exactly that, with the assistance of The Clamps and Vowel.

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