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Mean Teeth: Bring Back The Funk LP – Part 2
Mean Teeth: Bring Back The Funk LP – Part 2 (Front Cover)
LABEL:C4C Recordings
STREET DATE:May 13, 2019
ARTISTS: Mean Teeth  
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1. Infection Mean Teeth 4:24
2. Dust To Dust Mean Teeth 5:10
3. Everfunk feat. Phentix Mean Teeth 4:56
4. Badman Sound Mean Teeth 4:28

The second part of Mean Teeth’s highly anticipated album ‘Bring Back the Funk’ is ready to drop, released through the expansive platform of Cause4Concern. Having already unleashed the first edition last year on one of the most ground-breaking labels within drum & bass, the Estonian and Lithuanian pair are almost just as revered for their game-changing cuts. They come with the type of tracks which have slowly began to dominate the further reaches of a genre spearheaded by technical prowess and sonics which have their roots planted decades deep. Mean Teeth not only show their knowledge of modern-day techniques, but also the elements of ‘funk’ which they bring through their tracks helping them rise to prominence. It’s one of the many reasons why they’ve become a favourite of fans and DJs alike, reflected through the next stage leading to their forthcoming album’s release.

Each of the forthcoming tracks listed through Mean Teeth’s next output explains why they’re such a sought-after name. From ‘Infection’ through to ‘Badman Sound’ Mean Teeth go straight for the jugular whilst also adhering to their painstakingly high production standards. Throughout, Mean Teeth certainly do ‘Bring Back the Funk’ and it’s something which sits underneath each track offered throughout the album. ‘Infection’ is your entrée and its tearaway yet built in a way that shows the reach of Mean Teeth’s skills. ‘Dust to Dust’ is just as chaotic with grinding levels of LFOs lending themselves against the moody, rolling bassline penetrating the mix. ‘Everfunk’ ft. Phentix is up next and it’s an aggressive foray into the soundscapes that they command. Known for his expert craftmanship, Phentix is a welcome addition to the album and it proves Mean Teeth’s influence throughout drum & bass. ‘Badman Sound’ is the final delivery, paying homage to the album’s title, with a groove you’re unable to pull yourself away from. Snipped up vocal samples cut their way through the composition and you become instantly aware of the duo’s danceability.

Another selection of tracks to whet your appetite before its full release, Mean Teeth and C4C come with a collaboration which will surely indent itself within the genre’s history books.

Beatport Exc: 29th Apr

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