Mampi Swift: Victory Rose LP – Chapter 1
Mampi Swift: Victory Rose LP – Chapter 1 (Front Cover)
LABEL:Charge Recordings
STREET DATE:December 27, 2019
ARTISTS: Mampi Swift  


1. Dogs Of War Mampi Swift & Gino 3:36
2. Gangster (MNDSCP Remix) Mampi Swift 4:37
3. The Bug 2020 Mampi Swift 4:32
4. Creeper Mampi Swift 4:25
5. Come With Me Mampi Swift feat. Juliette Ashby 3:22
6. Loftgroove Mampi Swift 3:45
7. Soul (A.M.C Remix) Mampi Swift 5:23
8. Massacre Mampi Swift & ATOM 4:10

Over the last decade, Mampi Swift has kept his head firmly down , dedicating his time to creating Victory Rose, an album born out of blood, sweat and tears - a true reflection of his journey up until this point.

This masterpiece is nothing short of genius, a collection probably sent from the Gods. With baited breath, his global fan base have been waiting patiently for the release of Mampi’s latest album for some time now - but as we all know only too well, when it comes to his own creations, Mampi is a serious perfectionist. Every single track packs a powerful punch and catapults you on an euphoric, sonic voyage through his life, mind and soul. Most importantly to Swift, this album also shows a deep-rooted dedication and passion for his fans, as well as a love for this game that he knows like the back of his hand.

If you can’t imagine something that powerful being created, just sit down and listen - let the music do the talking. It’s time. Victory Rose is here!

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