Mampi Swift & VA – History / Play Me (Mob Tactics Remix)
Mampi Swift & VA – History / Play Me (Mob Tactics Remix) (Front Cover)
LABEL:Charge Recordings
STREET DATE:February 9, 2018
ARTISTS: Mampi Swift  
Various Artists  
Mob Tactics  


01. Mampi Swift & Arnone – History [5:07]
02. Mampi Swift & DJ Fresh – Play Me (Mob Tactics Remix) [4:51]

Years in the making, the forthcoming LP on Charge Recordings has been something of a fable, with label head Mampi Swift taking his time in perfecting one of their biggest projects to date. With the album standing as its most defining output, it’s no surprise that a drum & bass pioneer like Charge’s kingpin would ensure the finishing touches were water tight before its release.

With support garnered already by tastemaker Rene Lavice at BBC Radio 1, the first forthcoming single from such a greatly anticipated package already sets its benchmark. Featuring Mampi Swift, as well as promising newcomer Arnone and a rework of heavyweight collaboration ‘Play Me’ from audio annihilators Mob Tactics, it’s a double-sided single which firmly states the album’s intentions. Aptly named ‘History to Future’, it embodies everything the label has stood for since it was engendered, showcasing artists both old and new for a full spectrum view of what Charge has built over decades.

Opening track ‘History’ combines the colossal talents of both Mampi Swift and Arnone for a beat-toting, dancefloor-shaking riddim which loops menacingly along every hard-lined drum pattern. Beginning with pitched vocal leads and rattling crashes of cymbal, a daunting sample takes you into a clutching hook, pulling you back and forth through each sonic peak. Layers begin to fold and chaos ensues, with the record giving a brief respite before once again peddling motions of fierce club appeal. Newcomers like Arnone highlight the LP’s title, which is why his featuring was necessary to begin the release’s lead up, pushing an undeniably explosive cut in the meantime.

The original drop of Mampi Swift and DJ Fresh’s collaboration ‘Play Me’ saw the track become a sure-fire anthem across the circuit and it was important that its remixer did it justice. This is why Mob Tactics were brought on board for their crushing, bass heavy take which follows the same vibe whilst bringing it into a more contemporary world. It’s the epitomic production standard which helps to shine a torch on what this album is about. Incredible music and the labels which have helped create a platform for it from the ground up.

Beatport Exc: 26th Jan

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