Mako + Villem: Beggin U
Mako + Villem: Beggin U (Front Cover)
LABEL:Horizons Music
STREET DATE:July 27, 2018
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1. Beggin U Mako + Villem 5:48
2. Schachror Mako + Villem 5:16

Mako and Villem join forces once again for their brand new single forthcoming on Horizons Music, where the pioneering collaborative duo will demonstrate why they’ve been championed across the scene for well over a decade now. Always keeping it inherently underground, both producers have earned their stripes over the years, delivering slice after slice of fresh, beautifully woven music whilst pushing their own individual careers and setting themselves up as two of the most influential figures within the underground scene. And Horizons Music is just as crucial to the drum & bass scene, having dropped a number of sonic imagings which have captivated audiences across club spaces globally. With Mako already gracing the back catalogues of labels such as Metalheadz, Symmetry and Dispatch, alongside Villem’s releases on Spearhead Records, Mako’s own Utopia Music and Metalheadz, their history has proven to be an impenetrable force.

‘Beggin U’ and ‘Schachror’ realign their listener with the reasons why Mako and Villem have long been heralded as greats within their sphere. The intricately laid out vocals of ‘Beggin U’ drift through the record’s intro, slowly building the way for its rolling percussion and carefully defined breaks. Zipping bass layers and cranking drums take you through the motions, allowing you to bask in the tracks formations segment after segment. ‘Beggin U’ presents the centrepiece of Horizons’ ethos. And that’s scrupulously crafted records without limitations.

Next up, ‘Schachror’ delivers the same levels of production prowess, again bringing together the might of two legends for a track which resonates across drum & bass fans both old and new. Whilst its intro remains foreboding, the track begins to fall into ethereal atmospherics and meticulously placed bass notes, as you’re drawn deeply into a dreamy landscape. Mako’s signature is peppered throughout ‘Schachror’, whilst Villem’s expert craftsmanship is clear to see from the track’s dark complexity. Horizons Music have again struck gold; although with such a groundbreaking roster and back catalogue, it’s hard to see how they’d be unable to add to this, having kept up their reputation. This is why their sound is so identifiable, years on from their first release.

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