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Magnetude feat Julia Marks – Dead Leaves / Now Run
Magnetude feat Julia Marks – Dead Leaves / Now Run (Front Cover)
LABEL:Lifted Music
STREET DATE:June 12, 2017
ARTISTS: Magnetude  

Lifted Music are back and not slowing down with their arsenal of releases planned for 2017 as they commemorate 10 years in the game. Hot off the back from their hugely successful debut release “Hyperdrive” - Magnetude set the standard with this massive single “Dead Leaves / Now Run”.

Dead Leaves (ft. Julia Marks) - Noticeable inspiration from Tim Burton accompanied with the haunting vocal prowess of Julia Marks delivers a dark twisted menacing monster aimed strictly for the dancefloor heads.

Now Run - Provides a futuristic and gritty neo-tokyo dancefloor smasher with a catchy lead and huge switches throughout.

The release is a perfect blend of heavyweight beats, bass and Magnetudes signature melodic edge which delivers the bar set from their debut Hyperdrive EP, with both tracks certain to be a favorite for many DJs throughout the year and beyond. And with such a stagnant market and the need of something exciting and fresh to break the mould, the name Magnetude is sure to be on the tip of many people's tongues throughout this year.

Check out their debut Hyperdrive EP here if you missed it:

01. Magnetude feat. Julia Marks - Dead Leaves (5:49)
02. Magnetude - Now Run (5:11)

May 29, 2017: Beatport exclusive
Jun 12, 2017: Worldwide release

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