L PLUS – Hideout LP Sampler
L PLUS – Hideout LP Sampler (Front Cover)
LABEL:Technique Recordings
STREET DATE:April 28, 2016

It takes a certain kind of artist to make a successful album. It’s a different prospect from a series of two- or four-track releases. In D&B, it takes a producer whose got a deep musical understanding and a many facets to their style so they can reconfigure to constantly hold our attention. It takes a producer who’s got astory to tell and a journey through which to guide their listeners.Anyone who’s been keeping up with L Plus’s work over the last few years will recognise that he’s one artist who fits that description precisely.

So, here’s the first taste of his forthcoming debut album, Hideout.

Timelapse takes us straight into IMAX mode. The wide-open panorama conjured up by the atmospherics and the expanding percussive hits at the beginning of the track set the scene. The build keeps things crisp and clear, with L Plus showing how to create anticipation out of just a few expertly-programmed elements. And then the rowdy stomping drop, featuring immense grinding sweeps of bass, delivers on that build perfectly. And, of course, things don’t stop there. You’re going to want to let this one run right to the end, to take in the full majesty of the visceral deconstruction of the tune in the extended outro.

Then, we enter a twisted world of B-movie sci-fi with Creature Must Die. Dissonant pads and reverberant drums back up the eponymous dialogue sample in the intro, building to a stripped-back robot funk bass drop. This is far from being everything that L Plus has to offer in this track, though. The deftly executed builds and riffs, deploying discord to powerfully tension-increasing effect, bind the track together creating a wave of movement which belies the deceptively simple beat and bassline pattern. This is a stepper which is sure to find a home in the arsenal of many discerning selectors.

Ever since L Plus landed on Technique Recordings he’s been consistently impressive. Connoisseurs will have detected the subtle musical brain at work even in his most rhythm-driven floor-fillers. And, those same connoisseurs will already be getting hyped for Hideout. As this first salvo demonstrates, it’s going to be something monumental.

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