Kontrast: Open Road EP
Kontrast: Open Road EP (Front Cover)
LABEL:Lockdown Recordings
STREET DATE:June 19, 2017
ARTISTS: Kontrast  


Open Road Kontrast 5:27
Reflections Kontrast 4:31
Summer Breeze Kontrast 4:57
Open Road (Cybin Remix) Kontrast 5:13

Lockdown Recordings are well known for their vastly eclectic collection of music. This new four-track EP on the imprint is no different; it’s a beautifully woven set of records which platforms the production ingenuity of its creator Kontrast. Kontrast came onto the scene following years spent honing his craft within a self-made studio. Throughout this time he dedicated himself to the intricately fashioned world of liquid. His music is the type to draw you into long summer nights, conjuring visions of lovers lost with heartfelt crescendos and sonic melodies. The ‘Open Road’ EP is no different; it’s the perfect embodiment of Kontrast’s sound and it’s sure to elevate him even higher onto the pedestal Lockdown Recordings have pushed him onto.

Title-track ‘Open Road’ is your first introduction into Kontrast’s soundscape, with stunning female vocals delving you deep into the track’s composition. Kontrast layers careful note arpeggios and a softly-spoken bassline across the mix. Each dainty pad helps to give the track more of an impact, moving alongside booming subs to flesh out its skeleton. On the other hand, ‘Reflections’ focuses more on its percussive elements, with rattling hi-hats and crushing kick. It’s heavier in its breakdowns, taking you to lower depths than before. The bass reverberates from its first drop, a sure-way for the track to rock speakers on dancefloors across the club circuit. Kontrast proves that he knows how to switch up, providing a heavier take on his intricately manufactured soundscape.

‘Summer Breeze’ once again utilises vocals to add a melodic twist, with rattling instrumentals and pitched up synths. Kontrast’s signature bassline snaps into play whilst the track lays itself out, delving into its subterranean pits. And lastly comes the Cybin remix of ‘Open Road’, taking the track down a route of old-school breaks and jungle-esque vibes. Another monumental part of the Lockdown Recording’s roster, he delivers a reimagining that exorcizes the tracks darker, punchier side. Together Cybin and Kontrast represent what Lockdown Recordings are about. Only bringing you the most selective cuts to add to your record bags; the type to create a diverse range of moods in the club.

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