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Signs – Sacrilège
Signs – Sacrilège (Front Cover)
LABEL:Kinetik Records
STREET DATE:September 18, 2017
ARTISTS: Signs  


01. Signs – Sacrilège [3:32]
02. Signs – Skinny Leg [3:48]

The reason for Signs being such a monumental force within the European drum & bass sphere is their undeniable ability to move themselves through a vast spectrum of sound barriers. Alongside Kinetik Recordings, they’re about to follow the same path, dropping a double sided single which gives a glimpse into the huge reel of musicality they’re able to conjure. Moving out of more neuro infused waters and instead focusing on the crushing half time which has invaded the scene in recent months, the French trio take no prisoners in their chaotic approach to music making. And following the reign of drum-peddled fire Kinetik have unleashed across the club circuit, it’s no surprise Signs felt at home within their heavyweight roster.

First track ‘Sacrilège’ sets the pace, with a vibe that catches between each stepping rhythm and angry stabs of bass. As soon as the record begins to roll out, Signs let you know that they’re not about to water down their music between every crashing drum loop, which rattles the composition and creates a seismic ricochet. This sonic boom carries itself through the mix, biting harder on top of wave like breaks. It’s a welcome addition to Kinetik’s already cataclysmic back catalogue, one which carries itself from club system to club system. Becoming even more intimidating with every set the tracks invade.

‘Skinny Leg’ is merciless, grabbing for the metaphorical cutting knives and driving them deeper between each layer. The track winds up with every half time interlude, becoming more and more aggressive until the track bursts on impact. ‘Skinny Leg’ will be a sure-fire dancefloor killer, creating a jiving hook which sticks itself into your aural synapses and pulls you into its muddy engineering. For yet another track, Signs prove they hold dominion over a production standard that’s been honed since the beginning of their career. And this single demonstrates how Signs aren’t worried about taking their music a step further, whilst staying true to their roots and sometimes moving into unfamiliar territories. Both ‘Skinny Leg’ and ‘Sacrilège’ open a new door for Signs, helped by the versatile platform Kinteik have at their disposal. helped by the versatile platform Kinteik have at their disposal.

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