Kentro: One Track Pony EP
Kentro: One Track Pony EP (Front Cover)
LABEL:Peng Domination
STREET DATE:May 4, 2018
ARTISTS: Kentro  


1. Helter Skelter Kentro 4:34
2. Omega Kentro 4:56
3. No Return Kentro 4:14
4. Terror Fractals Kentro 5:00
5. Peng Kentro 4:52
6. Skump Don Kentro 4:49

All eyes have been on Kentro over recent months, having just announced the creation of his Peng Dominion label to an unsuspecting fan base; this news has swept across the underground scene, with Kentro’s grass roots following waiting patiently for its next output. And Peng Dominion does not disappoint, having already smashed through with their groundbreaking first delivery, now to be followed up by a six-track ‘One Track Pony’ EP which further goes to show just how formidable the imprint is looking to become. From the dancefloor domination of ‘Helter Skelter’, to the war-cry breaks of ‘No Return’, Kentro brings with him an unparalleled production standard alongside a plethora of fresh ideas to build his own creative platform.

‘Helter Skelter’ marks the EP’s beginning, with a hook that lends itself to the track’s gritty segments. You’re instantly dragged into Kentro’s signature, one which merges a range of styles to provide a contemporary take on drum & bass. ‘Omega’ is more extra-terrestrial, featuring metallic atmospherics and a runaway bassline which becomes weightier as its floods through the mix. ‘No Return’ takes on a different vibe, more understated in its approach but still channelling an impact through every bass stab and flowing synth. You’re lulled into a false sense of security before each breakdown adds extra elements of rolling breaks and ethereal samples.

‘Terror Fractals’ is a more neuro-influenced record, one which nods its head at the versatility demonstrated throughout the EP. Its jagged LFO swathes and punchy drum patterns drive you straight into the track’s heart, creating a destructive avalanche of sonic. ‘Peng’ carries a more lumbering rhythm, which steps into play with cranking snares and a kick which helps pad out the composition. Its beat skits prove that Kentro’s musical tastes run much deeper than 174bpm and it demonstrates his diversity as a producer. Closing the EP is ‘Skump Don’, a hectic, crunching riddim which leaves no prisoners, a final call to arms as Kentro leaves his last devastating crater. The tracks featured on the EP encompass his sound and alludes to how genre-defying Peng Dominion is flourishing as. After only two releases, they’re already looking to take over.

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