Joanna Syze: Surrender LP
Joanna Syze: Surrender LP (Front Cover)
LABEL:Othercide Records
STREET DATE:February 15, 2019
ARTISTS: Joanna Syze  


1. Surrender Joanna Syze & The Sect 5:53
2. Dark Days Joanna Syze & Mizo 5:34
3. Shadows Joanna Syze & AKOV & Volatile Cycle 4:57
4. Archangel Joanna Syze & AKOV 6:15
5. Let Go Joanna Syze & Sam Harris & Altex 5:06
6. The Broken Joanna Syze & Barbarix 6:13
7. Nothing Lasts Forever Joanna Syze & Chris.SU 5:20
8. Rodina Joanna Syze & Zardonic (Barbarix Remix) 6:56
9. My Prey Joanna Syze & Zardonic (Redpill remix) 4:24

9 track DJ sampler taken from 17 track album

Joanna Syze: a name synonymous within the darker, moodier realms of drum and bass. No stranger to the music industry, with a DJ career and back catalogue spanning close to twenty years, Syze is renowned throughout the US & Europe for being one of the second wave of female artists –following on from the likes of DJ Rap, Kemistry & Storm etc., to break through not only as a DJ, but a highly competent producer, vocalist and businesswoman.

After a string of successful releases and collaborations throughout the noughties - including her unforgettable vocals on the seminal 'No Evil' by Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch, Syze shifted her focus to recording her debut LP for OHM Resistance - Rodina, which fittingly translates to “homeland” in Bulgarian and is Joanna's birthplace; a place entrenched into every fibre of her being and somewhere consistently referenced in many of her lyrics and work.

Fast forward to early 2016: after a five year hiatus to focus on her ongoing health issues, Joanna decided to begin working on her sophomore album –Surrender, this time for Othercide Recordings. There are many familiar artist features on this album from both seasoned drum and bass veterans, right through to collaborations with the new breed of producers. The album includes the likes of Chris.SU, Akov, Barbarix, Volatile Cycle, Zardonic, Redpill & The Sect to name but a few – all laying down their own unique styles and identities. However, the feel & sound of Surrender remains unmistakably Syze throughout: moody, melancholy, instantly encapsulating with a heavy nod to the early/mid 2000's era of dark reese's and hypnotizing melodies that inspired her so much.

Beatport Exc: 1st Feb

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