James Marvel, ABIS & MC Mota: Bun Bun
James Marvel, ABIS & MC Mota: Bun Bun (Front Cover)
LABEL:Space Pirate Recordings
STREET DATE:August 1, 2018
James Marvel  
MC Mota  


1. BUN BUN James Marvel, Mota & ABIS 3:36

After the success of ‘Dominator’, James Marvel and MC Mota team up again with ABIS (ex-June Miller) to once more deliver a banger full of unexpected twists, with a lyric so infectious, crowds instantly start singing along. A powerful force indeed, this ready-for-summer, put-on-your-sunglasses bouncer called ‘Bun Bun’

But what in Earth’s name is a Bun Bun? Is it a drumsound? Is it a vibe? A calling? A (self-fulfilling) prophecy? A double sandwich made from a rare specimen of mahi mahi maybe? Indeed it might be a Romanian greeting. Some say that to the Japanese, Bun Bun simply means ‘shake shake’. Others soothe themselves by just repeating the words like meaningless yet powerful mantra. Perhaps it is after all ‘an original creation, a philosophy’, as the lyrics so profoundly state.

One thing is for certain, Bun Bun is the remarkable title of the equally remarkable new single by James Marvel, ABIS and MC Mota. Whether it’s the humming intro rhythm of the West-African dun dun, that undeniably contagious vocal flow with its colorful narrative, or the tropical vibes in the percussive latin-infused intermezzo, Bun Bun has it all and goes ‘zero to one hundred’ in 1.72 nanoseconds.

It blends a wide range of influences together with great ease in this Space-Pirate-approved, 100% guaranteed panty dropper.

Beatport Exc: 4th July

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