Invadhertz feat. Kentro: Daydreaming EP
Invadhertz feat. Kentro: Daydreaming EP (Front Cover)
LABEL:Peng Domination
STREET DATE:September 7, 2018
ARTISTS: Invadhertz  


1. Daydreaming Invadhertz 3:36
2. Don't Need You Invadhertz 3:52
3. Don't Need You (VIP) Invadhertz 5:31
4. Stay Low Invadhertz & Kentro 4:42
5. Fight Invadhertz & Kentro 5:09
6. Another Long Journey Invadhertz 4:50

Invadhertz are an Italian drum & bass trio who have filtered through the back catalogues of many independent imprints throughout the scene, especially those who’ve been helping to shape its trends over recent months. And forthcoming from the production outfit is a brand new EP on Peng Dominion, a label who’ve also fought to create their own place within the genre following their explosion onto its forefront, continuing to pave their way with another colossal release which proves their expert eye for talent. And alongside their releases on Addictive Behaviour, Flexout Audio, T3k Recordings and many more imprints who’ve helped define the newcomers, they merge with Peng Dominion’s head honcho Kentro for another expert offering.

The ‘Daydreaming’ EP begins with its title-track, a record whose foundations are laid out through tinkling melodies and carefully strung arpeggios. It’s a daintier look into what Peng Dominion has at its disposal, with its roster of artists beginning to grow with producers like Invadhertz standing at the helm. ‘Don’t Need You’ has just as much of an immersive soundscape, with relaying bass notes and keyed note patterns taking you out into the fray. ‘Don’t Need You VIP’ switches up the original, with more scuttling percussive swathes and moodier undertones. ‘Stay Low’ is the first collaboration with Kentro, pushing forward with sweeping synths and a breakdown which drags you deep into the record’s musicality, one with a harder edge. Then Invadhertz and Kentro join forces on ‘Fight’, a much more jagged edition to the EP’s track listing with its punching drums and heavyweight swabs of distortion. ‘Another Long Journey’ is the final track featured, once again taking it back to a more subdued level whilst its complex make-up streams through layer upon layer. As each break falls into the next, you’re lulled into a sense of security, right until the bassline drops beneath each beat sequence. It’s a fully encompassing package, one sure to raise the expected standards from Peng Dominion. It’s an exciting feat for such a newcomer label, which is why there’s so much interest around the imprint. With artists like Kentro and Invadhertz taking centre stage, this interest is only set to grow.

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