Influence EP
Influence EP (Front Cover)
LABEL:Dope Ammo Records
STREET DATE:October 26, 2018
ARTISTS: Dope Ammo  


1. Wishin' On A Star (feat Rio Hellyer – Jungle Evolution) 02:52
2. Dope Ammo & Broomers – Oldtimes (feat Martin Carr) 03:17
3. Repent 03:52
4. Dope Ammo, Kathy Brown & Wyld Child – I'm Good (feat Frenic) 04:35
5. Dope Ammo & Taiwan MC – Babylon Falling 04:42
6. Dope Ammo, Broomers & Sentz – Stir It Up (feat Yemi Bolatiwa & Gigante MC) 04:50
7. Dope Ammo, Kathy Brown & Broomers – Saturday 04:15
8. Dope Ammo & Aries – Take It Back 05:32
9. Dope Ammo & Jasmine Knight – How We Get Down (feat Run Tingz Cru) 02:52
10. Risky Business 03:59
11. Dope Ammo & Run Tingz Cru – Badman Inna My Ends (feat Redders) 03:25
12. Dope Ammo vs DJ Panic & Anomy – Flying (feat Yemi Bolatiwa & Gigante MC)

2018 has been a big year for Dope Ammo so far, what with the smash refix of "Wishin' On A Star", countless collaborations with a whole host of talented artists and fitting in a tour of Europe. It comes as no surprise that it's now time to unleash a heavy hitting album in the form of "INFLUENCE".

This isn't strictly a drum and bass affair either and with styles perfectly crossing in and out of each other, it's a true representation of Dope Ammo's creative production flair.

"I'm Good" is a prime example of the vibes presented from the album. The arrangement is super shiny, flowing sunshine from the speaker and firing a sea of smiles in all directions.

Of course you're going to get a certain amount of dancefloor madness and with the likes of "How We Get Down" featuring not only Jasmine Knight on vocals but the Run Tingz Cru thrown in the mix for good measure. This track has a certain amount of commercial crossover likeability however, retains that original Dope Ammo punch.

"Old Times" is another fine example of retaining 'scene credibility' and smashing those melodic vibes. If you didn't hear this one at a festival this year, you probably were hanging around the food trucks too much!

Switching styles completly, both "Risky Business" and "Take It Back" combine early 90s vibes, euphoric uprising melodies and good old fashioned hands in the air moments that really will bring on feelings of peace and love! Shout to MC Fearless.

"Repent" and "Saturday" inject some fresh flavours to your ear, switching the BPM whilst retaining that feel good vibe which is really represented across the whole of the album.

12 tracks, all with individual personality and character it's no wonder Dope Ammo really has locked himself (along with 100s of guests) in the studio for most of the year. If you're after a solid mixture of beats, some to chill to, others to absolutely brock out to - this album is certainly for you.

Guest appearances (in no particular order) from the likes of Gigante MC, Run Tings Cru, DJ Panik, Anomy, Yemi Bolatiwa, Jasmine Knight, Aries, Taiwan MC, Broomers, Wyld Child, Frenic, Rio Hellyer, Martin Carr and Kathy Brown.

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