Ill Truth Presents: Volume 1
Ill Truth Presents: Volume 1 (Front Cover)
LABEL:Lockdown Recordings
STREET DATE:February 26, 2018
ARTISTS: Ill Truth  
Various Artists  


1. Futile Ill Truth 4:35
2. Yugen Defraction 4:57
3. Still Octo Pi 5:00
4. Letting Go Kontrast 4:20
5. Cold Soul Trisector & Infader 5:58
6. Pranksters Defex 5:10
7. False Forts Sam Binary 5:04
8. Divided Wingz 4:33

UK based label Lockdown Recordings continues their consistent stream of high octane releases with ‘Ill Truth Presents: Volume 1’, a full spectrum look into the imprint and the talent it’s nurtured since they began an illustrious release schedule. With a range of featuring artists stepping up to the plate, including some of the hottest names to come through in recent years, who better to bring them forward for this stellar compilation than a duo who fall effortlessly into the same category. Artists such as Kolectiv, Kyrist, Cybin and Infader are all figures which have been pushed through alongside their tightly-knit, bonafide dancefloor anthems and these all grace the track listing. On first glance, it’s ridiculously weighty.

Ill Truth’s own ‘Clip That’ begins the LP, giving you a snapshot into the expert craftsmanship debuted throughout. M-Zine & Scepticz offering ‘Cimmerian’ flips the switch and mashes a contemporary flare with old school patterning. Defraction’s ‘Yugen’ presents a relative newcomer whose music cuts through cyberspace with only the slickest beats. Renowned pioneer HLZ also jumps on board for ‘Life Force’, flexing his production muscles throughout each woven layer. ‘Cold Soul’, the collaboration between Trisector and Infader gives a fleshy edge to the artist’s cold underpinning. Miso’s ‘Return to Me’ gives a percussive edge, whilst Defex’s ‘Pranksters’ delivers a hook which pumps throughout the composition. Together, Cybin’s ‘Aztec’ and Kontrast’s ‘Letting Go’ juxtaposes records which are different yet still as perfectly manufactured as the next. And Octo Pi’s ‘Still’ gives a full spectrum look into the huge range of musicality which has been given a platform.

Sam Binary’s ‘False Forts’, Kolectiv, Medika & Kyrist’s ‘Think About The Future’ and Molecular’s ‘Avaris’ adds a huge array of heavyweight favouring, then Wingz steps forward with ‘Divided’, chopping and changing between each meticulously created segment. Finally, Ill Truth leads the last charge alongside their track ‘Futile’, orchestrating a bassline which ducks and dives between well-maintained breakdown. From beginning to end, there’s a cut to suit all tastes. This has been capitalised on by Lockdown Recordings, who use their versatility to building a discography revered across the entire drum & bass scene.

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