Ill Truth Presents: Volume 1 – Album Sampler
Ill Truth Presents: Volume 1 – Album Sampler (Front Cover)
LABEL:Lockdown Recordings
STREET DATE:December 18, 2017
ARTISTS: Ill Truth  


Trife Life (Ill Truth Remix) Trex 5:56
Cimmerian M-zine & Scepticz 6:52

Bristol has often stood as a cultural hub for the drum & bass genre, with imprints such as Lockdown Recordings holding the torch for its burgeoning talent. Amongst its deeply entrenched venues and creative spaces, it’s no surprise that Bristol-based artists like Ill Truth have been making their mark on the genre’s broader circuit. Joining the exemplary talent prevalent throughout Lockdown’s roster, including Cybin, Trex, Superior Selectionz, Locksem, Zerosum and Resonate, they add yet another level to the imprints quality of output. Lockdown’s forthcoming LP sampler featuring a remix and brand new selection from M-zine & Scepticz (Dispatch, Critical, Lifestyle) demonstrates why both the label and its home city have garnered such a reputation. Both offerings lend themselves to the genre’s roots whilst simultaneously channelling the new-school vibes which are making their scene so notorious. On first listen, the Ill Truth presents: Volume One LP sampler gives a snapshot into what they have in store for their continuation of the album and with a platform like Lockdown, one of drum & basses most exciting prospects are only looking to expand their horizons.

The Ill Truth rework of Trex’s ‘Trife Life’ pushes through on clattering drum rhythms and runaway LFO, peddling a bassline which quivers throughout the mix whilst giving the track a heavyweight feel. Ill Truth presents another side to ‘Trife Life’, still utilising the unforgiving production standards of Trex whilst also adding the pair’s intricate minimalism which still pedestals a dancefloor undertow. Each crashing layer of drums helps to emulate the track’s club presence, nodding to why Ill Truth are also becoming a staple throughout the UK’s live circuit too.

The standalone track from M-Zine and Scepticz ‘Cimmerian’ reiterates the sound you should expect from Lockdown’s forthcoming LP, just like its reworked predecessor. The metallic, rumbling bass rhythms and weighty drum patterns of ‘Cimmerian’ channel through each punching layer, with both M-Zine and Scepticz bringing their individual signatures for the creation of a formidable production outfit. And this is why the likes of Ill Truth and Lockdown Recordings have showcased tracks of this calibre; because it’s the perfect embodiment of the excitement which has ruminated through both sets of producers.

Forthcoming LP will feature tracks from: Ill Truth, Kolectiv, HLZ, Miso, Kyrist, Medika, Infader, M-zine & Scepticz, Cybin, Sam Binary, Octo-Pi, Wingz, DEFEX, Kontrast & Defraction.

Juno Exc: 11th Dec

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