EiZO – My Sun / Mold
EiZO – My Sun / Mold (Front Cover)
LABEL:Hyperactivity Music
STREET DATE:July 20, 2018


01. EiZO – My Sun [4:38]
02. EiZO – Mold [4:33]

French label Hyperactivity Music is standing out from many other independent labels by focusing their attention on the home grown talent which has built the imprint’s foundations. Both based in Marseille, EiZO and Hyperactivity were a match that definitely resounded over the entirety of the drum & bass underground. This was done not just the creative hub which was provided for by Hyperactivity, but also the ingenious musicality which EiZO has proven he has full dominion over, time and time again on the imprint. The single he’s crafted for his next release on Hyperactivity is no different, consisting of two brand new records which further define why he’s been relayed in sets across Europe over recent months.

‘My Sun’ and ‘Mold’ both follow the same motions, whilst still having an individuality which strides through their compositions, making it easy to understand why EiZO has garnered so much heat in recent months. At first, it’s easy to see how ‘My Sun’ is more delicate in its approach than its flipside, with its scuttling layers of percussion and tightly-fashioned drum rolls. However when the bass drops, it definitely hits full force and you’re taken down with it, creating a concoction of light and dark elements which help to make the listener aware of the signature which EiZO is building around his own platform. On the reverse, ‘Mold’ takes form, thumping forward on metallic kick drums and quickly-jittering hi-hats, the type which set the pace as it gradually explodes into action. ‘Mold’ still holds true to its A-side, but follows the same dynamic layers and engineering which prove that EiZO is definitely a name to watch coming through the competition. The thumping drum relays of ‘Mold’ add an extra weight, one which is carried across the track’s entirety and proves that these are just as destructive in the clubs as they are through personal speakers.

Hyperactivity Music are definitely an anomaly within their time and just looking at their back catalogue is a good demonstration of what they have to offer, as well as the tracks they have waiting in the pipeline for a release.

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