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Vici – Glow EP
Vici – Glow EP (Front Cover)
LABEL:Hyperactivity Music
STREET DATE:March 9, 2018


01. Vici – Glow (ft. Miss Understood) [5:01]
02. Vici – Without Me (ft. SBZ) [5:04]
03. Vici – Kill You [5:23]
04. Vici – Glow Alternative (ft. Miss Understood) [4:43]

The ‘Glow EP’ from Marseille based drum & bass label Hyperactivity music not only defines the technical prowess of its producer VICI, but also the beautifying landscape created by similar sonic works in Hyperactivity’s back catalogue. Having already graced the discographies of similarly independent labels, such as Digital Whomp, True Bass Recordings, Dark Pack Records and even the scene defining Dnb France, VICI has already provided enough clear-cut records for a distinct reputation. And this will continue with the ‘Glow EP’, adding yet more diversity to his creative output and promising to dive listeners head first into another musical exploration of his sound.

Having shared lines up with the likes of Neonlight, Pythius, TREi, The Prototypes and many other highly regarded DJs, VICI has also been able to test his artwork on a range of audiences. His minimal yet skilfully mastered tracks leave little to the imagination with vast soundscapes and rolling percussive undertones. Bringing Miss Trouble into the equation for opening record ‘Glow’, which expertly utilises her lyrical and crooning vocals to give the track a grittier edge, it opens up the array of styles which VICI is beginning to capitalise on as his journey progresses. It juxtaposes jazzy offerings like ‘Without Me’ perfectly whilst still making it known VICI is in the driving seat, and featuring artist SBZ provides another addition to the EP’s track listing. ‘Kill You’ is fast paced, unforgiving and switches methodically with every sixteen bar, whilst still giving a chaotic twist between manic drum patterns. It’s more intense than the previous two deliveries but it still oozes with the nominal styling VICI has engineered. Finishing the EP is ‘Glow Alternative’; it’s also the final collaboration, with Miss Understood adding her lyrical wax against its throbbing bassline. It’s the crescendo which an EP like ‘Glow’ definitely deserves.

VICI provides a stark contrast to the tear out neurofunk and tip-toeing liquid which has flooded the scene recently – this is why he’s quickly gathering momentum. With EP’s like ‘Glow’ stood in the backdrop, it comes as little surprise his career is beginning to take flight and it will remain on the ascent with the production standard shown throughout its entirety.

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