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Computerartist & QO – Rido & Counterstrike Remixes
Computerartist & QO – Rido & Counterstrike Remixes (Front Cover)
LABEL:Hoofbeats Music
STREET DATE:March 12, 2018
ARTISTS: Computerartist  


01. Computerartist & QO – Get Down (Rido Remix) [4:16]
02. Computerartust & QO – Funktion (Counterstrike Remix) [4:16]
03. Computerartist & QO – Apex (VIP) [5:24]

Reconfigure. What once was is no more – if you change every single screw in a robot, is it still the same robot? Computerartist & Qo reflect their early releases on Hoofbeats Music and bring the innovated versions: Apex VIP steps up the game and “Cyborg Sound” becomes the wrath of a terminator, eerily red eyes among speakers bringing destruction to the living.

Rido takes care of Get Down and brings a dreamlike synth melody to contrast with uncompromising bass, ready for a small dark club in the middle of the night, where you can’t tell a human from a cyborg or a cyborg from a hologram set to minimal brightness.

It shouldn’t surprise you that Counterstrike bring a cup of darkness to the game. If androids danced to Get Down at midnight, Funktion plays as their install troyans at the break of light. Unstoppable rolling beats just goes on and on, don’t look back else you’d be swept along...

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