Hannah Eve: My Heart Knows LP
Hannah Eve: My Heart Knows LP (Front Cover)
LABEL:Soul Trader Records
STREET DATE:April 9, 2018
ARTISTS: Hannah Eve  
Various Artists  


1. My Heart Knows Why Hannah Eve and Phil Tangent 4:59
2. My Heart Knows Why (Zero T Remix) Hannah Eve and Phil Tangent 4:52
3. Only You Hannah Eve and The Vanguard Project 5:14
4. Better Off Without You Hannah Eve and Data 3 4:57
5. Running Away Hannah Eve and GLXY 5:42
6. Endless Daze Hannah Eve, Satl and Elka 5:57
7. Endless Daze (Command Strange Remix) Hannah Eve, Satl and Elka 4:52
8. For Sam Hannah Eve and Philth 5:40
9. Ghost Hannah Eve, BCee and Drifta 5:40
10. Far From Home Hannah Eve, Macca and Loz Contreras 5:48
11. Free Hannah Eve, HumaNature, Surplus and Subdivision 5:31
12. This Love Hannah Eve, Simplification and Translate 5:20
13. Cry Me a Rive Hannah Eve and HLZ 5:14
14. Forever Autumn Hannah Eve and AudioSketch 6:54
15. It's U Hannah Eve, Satl and Mr Joseph 5:40
16. All My Loving Hannah Eve and M-Set 4:11
17. Ghost (Ed.it Remix) Hannah Eve, Bcee & Drifta 4:53

Soul Trader has remained at the pinnacle of drum & basses more melodic harmonies, bringing through artists who help diversify its roster and demonstrate just how talented the label’s A&R continues to be. Hannah Eve’s forthcoming LP ‘My Heart Knows’ is the perfect example, giving a platform to a huge array of producers who’ve stormed the scene in recent months as well as epitomising Hannah Eve’s own talents. Since her first release on the label, her album has been highly anticipated and fans will not be disappointed in the versatility offered up throughout.

From the vocal arpeggios of ‘My Heart Only Knows’, a collaboration with Phil Tagent, as well as its Zero T remix and tracks like ‘Cry Me a River’ alongside heavyweight songster HLZ, ‘The Vanguard Project’ leaves no sonic stone unturned. Coincidentally, The Vanguard Project jump on board too for break-littered record ‘Only You’, whilst Data 3 step up to the plate with their offering ‘Better off Without You’ and Shogun stalwarts GLXY add to the track listing with ‘Running Away’. Satl and Elka’s ‘Endless Daze’ is a standalone delivery with Hannah Eve and the Command Strange remix takes it into choppier waters. Philth’s ‘For Sam’ presents a darker hue, whilst BCee and Drifta’s rolling riddim ‘Ghost’ follows a similar vibe. ‘Far From Home’, featuring Macca and Loz Contreras, moves out on steppy piano notes and grinding drum patterns. HumaNature, Surplus and Subdivision’s ‘Free’ hits a moodier emotive spot and newcomers Simplification and Translate stun with ‘This Love’.

Records like AudioSketch’s ‘Forever Autumn’, M-Set’s ‘All My Loving’ and Ed.it’s remix of ‘Ghost’ draw together a stunning package which once again pedestals a musicality which is seldom seen in vocalist-lead albums. As Satl returns again alongside Mr. Joseph for ‘It’s U’, you’re allowed to bask in the wide soundscapes and wavering basslines which make these tracks so hectic on the dancefloor. And Hannah Eve exposes her expert skills throughout every piece of music, having delved deep and pulled out the very best of liquid drum & bass. It shows how much the genre drives her passion and this is distributed evenly throughout the release.

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