Go Nen LP (Exclusives)
Go Nen LP (Exclusives) (Front Cover)
STREET DATE:January 1, 2018
ARTISTS: Various Artists  


Fuego (Logam Edit) Todd Buchler, Pish Posh & HammerZz 5:14
Emrys Logam & Roger 4:12
Dopamine (VIP) Des McMahon 4:24
Twilight Symplex & Camel 5:27
Mass Transfer Sequential 4:33
Fiend Instinkt feat. Lifesize MC 4:36
Size Up Uttersounds 3:48
Valetudinarian Kodin 4:56

Standing for five years of innovation, the ‘Go Nen’ LP from Santoku represents half a decade spent by its label head crafting its most innovative releases. And alongside another game changing compilation, Logam has offered up fourteen brand new records which will signify why they’ve become such a revered icon within drum & bass, from the UK to the US. The LP also stands as a defining moment within the label’s evolution, drawing from their roster of a hugely diverse list of artists to present the whole colour wheel which has enabled Santoku to garner such a widely acclaimed reputation.

Whether it’s the neuro-infused cuts of Mean Teeth, or the impenetrable production standard of Mayhem and figurehead Logam, their next ‘Go Nen’ sampler highlights a host of musicality which is displayed throughout. The best way for an album of this calibre to open is with the first collaboration between Logam & Mayhem ‘Centuria’, but it moves forward across a twisted skeleton. Amoss takes on ‘Centuria’ and brings it into a darker realm, nodding to the previous releases which have held Santoku in such high regard. Also featuring on the LP are brand new selections from the likes of Uttersounds, who offers up the pounding riddim ‘Size Up’. Sequential’s ‘Mass Transfer’ alludes to the contemporary digital era drum & bass has found itself developing in whilst Symplex & Camel jump on board for the understated yet melodic ‘Twilight’. Celebrated American newcomer ‘Des McMahon also makes an appearance with a switch up of ‘Dopamine’, presenting a carefully packaged VIP and Kodin adds his tearaway track ‘Valetudinarian’. Todd Buchler, Pish Posh & HammerZz add their sonic delivery ‘Fuego’, which plays to its namesake with hard-hitting drum patterns and crafted hooks. Then for the last exclusive, you’re introduced to Logam & Roger’s ‘Emrys’, the perfect manifestation of what Logam inherited with Santoku’s legacy.

This LP will sit pride of place within the label’s history and they continue to push the boundaries with every release. The ‘Go Nen’ compilation clearly shows that, creating a dynamic and versatile track listing which will further define the imprint’s worth within a colossal dance music market.

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