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Esym – Descent EP
Esym – Descent EP (Front Cover)
LABEL:Good Karma Music
STREET DATE:November 27, 2017


01. Esym – Dusk (Intro) [3:46]
02. Esym – Descent [5:20]
03. Esym – Glass Floor [4:54]
04. Esym – Journey [5:00]
05. Esym – Dawn [5:03]

Australian imprint Good Karma Music has been making their presence known recently. Throughout the dance music community, they’ve been heralded as one of the most exciting new labels to emerge across the independent market in recent years. Whether its drum & bass or another meticulous composed electronic genre, they’ve ensured each release is created with the upmost precision. And alongside promising talent such as Esym, they’ve garnered a reputation for the type of innovative sounds which line the sets of DJs globally. That’s exactly what Esym delivers with his next output; his collaboration with Good Karma Music yet again proves commitment to the type of talent which has seen their discography grow exponentially.

The ‘Descent EP’ is a set of beautifully twisted, sonic mechanics which bring together the elements of Esym’s production that make him such a force to be reckoned with. From its synth-led intro, to its ambient closing track ‘Dawn’, by signing this EP they’ve set another standard for their label and roster, as well as the wider drum & bass circuit.

With opener ‘Dusk’ and its carefully strung piano notes and dainty bassline, Esym takes you through fully-encompassing waves of composition.

‘Descent’ follows with the same groove, underpinned with a jazzy-feel and clinking, clattering percussion instrumentals.

Up next is ‘Glass Floor’; its dreamy layering and steppy backdrop pulls you into an effortless motion of engineering, taking you in deeper and deeper between every figure of eight.

‘Journey’ is just as enveloping, despite being slightly more urgent than its forerunners. Each drum peddle and clicking hi-hat gives the track a subtle kick, flipping you through the motions before you become ensnared in its rhythm.

‘Dawn’ brings the EP to a close, with loops of recorded samples and a cascading mix. Each segment seeps naturally into the next, creating an intricate design which is given more weight with every shaking sub Esym hasn’t come to disappoint and all five tracks pedestal a producer who’s expertly manufactured his art.

Good Karma Music strike again with another pivotal release on the label And it won’t be soon until they become a household name. Artists like Esym are a testament to that.

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