Exposure: Light and Dark EP
Exposure: Light and Dark EP (Front Cover)
LABEL:A R Records
STREET DATE:December 20, 2019
ARTISTS: Exposure  
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1. Vicious Cycle Exposure feat. Stormae 5:44
2. Familiar Faces Exposure 5:18
3. Changes Exposure feat. Sula Mae 5:36
4. Opposing Forces Exposure 5:13
5. Elements Exposure & Phaction feat. Mark Douglas 5:58
6. Judgement Day Exposure 4:52

This December Exposure brings you his official debut EP on his own imprint A R Records.

Entitled ‘Light & Dark’, the EP showcases the diverse range of Drum and Bass that he produces. Covering themes that cast attention to the current global political climate, ‘Light & Dark’ explores the challenges faced by humanity, the duality between good and evil and the increasingly volatile future of the planet.

Featuring vocals from Stormae, Sula Mae and Mark Douglas, live Sax and Clarinet from Carl Davies and a collaboration with esteemed producer ‘Phaction’, Exposure merges organic musicality with his technical productions. From the uplifting nuances of ‘Changes’, the primal energy of ‘Elements’ to the evocative flow and deep bassline of ‘Opposing Forces’, the lighter side of the EP showcases thought provoking themes that stir the soul.

Into the dark end of the spectrum, punchy drums & fat, twisted basslines of ‘Familiar Faces’, ‘Vicious Cycle’ & ‘Judgement Day’ smack hard on the dancefloor, culminating in an EP that emits a touch of soul and class, whilst delivering significant weight in the club. The ‘Light and Dark’ EP will be released on A R Records on 20.12.19 & Exposure was awarded funding for the EP by the Do It Differently Fund from Help Musicians UK.

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